How To Use The Security Tuner In Alien Isolation

One of the key items in Alien Isolation is the Security Tuner. This tool will help you open some doors and hack some terminals throughout the game. Problem is the game doesn’t really explain how to use it. Use this guide to figure out... Read more

Alien Isolation Guide: Blueprint Location Guide

In Alien Isolation you will need to find blueprints so you can craft new equipment. The blueprints are not required so if you aren’t looking for them you might miss some. This guide will help you get them all as you go along. Let’s... Read more

How To Reactivate Samuels’ Communication In Alien Isolation

While playing Alien Isolation you will run into an objective that wants you to reactivate Samuels’ communication. In order to do this you will have to beat three mini games that the game does not explain to you. This guide will help you... Read more