Fanmade Shenmue HD in Production

SEGA’s Shenmue trilogy has remained unfinished for more than 10 years now, but don’t think for a second that its legion of fans have forgotten. One of its most diehard of fans has decided to take action by creating an HD remake of... Read more

EA Sports Promise Next-Generation Goalkeepers In FIFA 15 – New FUT Features Are Lackluster

EA Sports continue to build hype for the greatest selling football franchise in gaming with a barrage of news coming out of this years Gamescom as the developers lift the lid on all things FIFA 15. Players can look forward to rewritten AI for... Read more

Massive Amount of New Mortal Kombat X News Announced

With one 2 minute video, Ed Boon reveals a huge amount of news regarding the upcoming Mortal Kombat title, Mortal Kombat X. New characters, new combat mechanics, new villains, it’s quite the trailer. The trailer, featured below, details... Read more