Steam Invades the Living Room

Valve has made three separate announcements this week all pertaining to steam, the living room and a more gaming centered focused computer. The first announcement, Valve is developing a Steam Operating System (denotes SteamOS). The second, is... Read more

Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 09/29/2013

As with every week, Gamers Heroes have searched high and low to bring you the very hottest gaming news this week

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Valve Announces Family Game Sharing

Valve, the company behind the largest digital PC market Steam, has just announced that they will be allowing Steam users to have a family sharing plan with up to 10 members. Basically what this means is that friends/family will be able to play... Read more

Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 09/01/2013

Each and every week (after a rather long hiatus) the Gamers Heroes team explores the world wide web as we search for the very hottest gaming news stories

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The Wonderful 101 Demo Out Now

If you are looking forward to the upcoming Platinum Games title The Wonderful 101 then Nintendo has some good news for you. The demo for the game released with just a taste of the puzzle solving, button mashing, beat-em-up style gameplay that... Read more