Champions Online Goes Free 2 Play

In a recent announcement Cryptic told Champions Online fans that they would be adding a Free 2 Play game-play option. This gives old players the opportunity to return to the game and see how the Champions Online universe has evolved.

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Fallout Online Announced

Interplay President Eric Caea confirmed that a MMO version of the popular Fallout series will be reaching gamers late 2012. Rumours have circulated the Internet for ages over whether or not a secret title named “PV13” was to be the... Read more

Pandora Saga: 600 Player Battles

The title isn’t a type error, Pandora Saga boasts the capabilities to support 600 simultaneous players in Realm Vs Realm of epic proportions. As well as the huge PvP opportunities, Pandora Saga also offers many desired MMORPG features... Read more