Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Gains Largest Pre-Order Record In Games Industry…For Now

How do you measure a hype train for an upcoming game? Look at the pre-order numbers, of course. According to Ubisoft’s estimates, Watch Dogs is looking good. The revenge-driven hacking game is now the companies most pre-ordered new IP... Read more

Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 10/20/2013

The next-generation draws near and before we all boldly go where no man has gone before we’ve got another awesome week of the Hottest Gaming news!

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Hottest Gaming News Week Of 5/12/2013

This week in news Square Enix releases a ton of news that nobody really cares about (sorry Kingdom Hearts fans), EA secures publishing rights to Star Wars games and Nyan and Keyboard Cat creators sue WB and 5th Cell over character copyright in... Read more