Cosplay Wednesday – Borderlands’ Psycho

Borderlands Psycho Cosplay Liz Katz

Borderlands Psycho Cosplay Liz Katz

Gamers will be making a third trip to Pandora (and the moon) later this year in Borderlands: Before the Sequel. What better way to get hyped up than to see another quality Borderlands cosplay?

You may remember cosplayer Liz Katz from her from her sultry Princess Peach cosplay, but as it turns out, she also enjoys paying a trip to Pandora’s alien post-apocalyptic setting. But why did Liz Katz choose to cosplay as Borderlands’ Psycho? Competition. Rather than compete with the number of quality Borderlands cosplays, she decided to tread new ground.

Courtesy of her friend Steven Smith, Liz Katz was able to get a true-to-form helmet, complete with LED lights. The only problem came with the rest of the costume — the Psycho’s bandages, off-white rags, and leather pieces didn’t quite suit her style. Her solution? Strip them all away! Now that’s one creative liberty we can get behind.

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You can find Liz Katz’s Website here, her Facebook here, and her Twitter here.

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