Cosplay Wednesday – Danganronpa’s Junko Enoshima

Danganronpa Junko Cosplay - Gamers Heroes

Danganronpa Junko Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

Spike Chunsoft’s and NIS America’s lovable bear Monokuma is coming back this fall in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultimate Despair Girls. As gamers get ready for another round of hope and despair, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a spot-on cosplay of Danganronpa’s Junko Enoshima.

In these shots from GreenGreenCat, JustAwayKitty shows off her Junko Enoshima cosplay. Other members of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc’s cast make an appearance in these shots, but the question is, how long will they last?

  • Danganronpa-Junko-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-1.jpg
  • Danganronpa-Junko-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-2.jpg
  • Danganronpa-Junko-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-3.jpg
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You can find JustAwayKitty on DeviantArt here and on Facebook here.

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