Cosplay Wednesday – Dragon Ball Z’s Bulma

Dragon Ball Z Bulma Cosplay - Gamers Heroes

Dragon Ball Z Bulma Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

Gamers the world over are exchanging Spirit Bombs and Destructo Disks in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the latest fighter in the time-honored Dragon Ball Z franchise. The game may have dozens of characters, but one that did not make the cut is the blue-haired wonder Bulma. This week, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a cosplay of the character.

LivingDeadGeisha (aka Lara) is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z, but she wanted to do a cosplay that was a little out of the ordinary. Rather than do a genderbent Goku or Krillin or something, she decided to go with a more unique style of Bulma not normally seen in the series. After wearing it to MondoCon 2012 in Hungary, she was surprised how many people were fans of the character.

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You can find LivingDeadGeisha on DeviantArt here.

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