Cosplay Wednesday – Fallout’s Ghoul

Fallout Ghoul Cosplay - Gamers Heroes

Fallout Ghoul Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

War. War never changes. As everybody and their dogmeat waits patiently for more Fallout 4 news, Gamers Heroes takes a look at the finest Fallout ghoul cosplay this side of Megaton.

Russian cosplayer Takiev Alexander (aka Manvez) decided to dress up as one of Fallout’s ghouls in this cosplay. With the help of Maria Korobkina, his skin was made of liquid latex. To make the cosplay complete, Manvez is even packing a 10mm pistol and a refreshing bottle of Nuka-Cola.

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You can find Takiev Alexander (Manvez) on DeviantArt here.

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