Cosplay Wednesday – Final Fantasy VI’s Locke Cole

Originally released on the Nintendo Game Boy decades ago, Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend is finally here. In honor of this collection, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a cosplay of one of the key members of Final Fantasy VI’s Returners, Locke Cole.

Taken at The Party NL and an official cosplay shoot during the Cosplay Photo Masters, every aspect of Final Fantasy VI’s favorite thief Locke Cole is captured perfectly in these shots featuring MikersCosplayMMMC.

Final Fantasy VI Locke Cole Cosplay

  • Final-Fantasy-VI-Locke-Cole-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-1.jpg
  • Final-Fantasy-VI-Locke-Cole-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-2.jpg
  • Final-Fantasy-VI-Locke-Cole-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-3.jpg

Credit goes to Jeroen Weimar Photography, Zico Leitão, and MikoBura Photography for the photos.

You can find MikersCosplayMMMC on Facebook here.

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