Cosplay Wednesday – Kirby and Prince Fluff

Prince Fluff Cosplay - Gamers Heroes
After coming out on the Nintendo Wii in 2010, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is receiving a new lease on life with the updated port Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn. In honor of this title, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a cosplay featuring both Kirby and Prince Fluff.

Cosplay fanatic RaquelQuiros teamed up with her friend Danny for this cosplay rendition inspired by Kirby’s Epic Yarn. It might not be exactly like its source material, but it does manage to have its own unique personality. Credit goes to britishbearboy for the photos.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Cosplay

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  • Prince-Fluff-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-2.jpg
  • Prince-Fluff-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-3.jpg

You can find RaquelQuiros on DeviantArt here.

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