Cosplay Wednesday – Mad Max

Mad Max Cosplay - Gamers Heroes

Mad Max Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

The post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max’s world is alive and well, with both Mad Max: Fury Road and Warner Bros’ Mad Max game breathing new life into the series. In honor of this renaissance, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a photoshoot worthy of Max Rockatansky himself.

The folks at CosAwesome Studios teamed up with Burch Roots Studio to create this dead-on Mad Max photoshoot. Max and Furiosa make an appearance, as well as a number of other characters.

  • CosAwesome-Mad-Max-Shoot-1.jpg
  • CosAwesome-Mad-Max-Shoot-3.jpg
  • CosAwesome-Mad-Max-Shoot-4.jpg
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You can learn more about CosAwesome Studios here and more about Burch Roots Studio here.

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