Cosplay Wednesday – Metal Gear Solid V’s Quiet

Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Cosplay - Gamers Heroes

Metal Gear Solid V Quiet Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is definitely going places. Though he may no longer work for Konami, he is now working under Sony at his company Kojima Productions. While we wait for his next magnum opus, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a cosplay of Quiet from his latest smash hit, Metal Gear Solid V.

Valentina Cavazzoni (aka lucyrose03), with the help of D v D Photography, got these stunning shots of her dressed up as Quiet. These shots were taken for a short film on Metal Gear Solid – pretty spot-on, don’t you think?

  • quiet_mgs_v_cosplay_by_lucyrose3-d7rqlb8.jpg
  • quiet_mgs_v_cosplay_by_lucyrose3-d7rql6g.jpg
  • quiet_metal_gear_solid_v_cosplay_by_lucyrose3-d7lrf9c.jpg
  • quiet_metal_gear_solid_v_by_lucyrose3-d7eyacs.jpg
  • quiet_cosplay_metal_gear_solid_v_by_lucyrose3-d7eycge.jpg
  • quiet_metal_gear_solid_v_cosplay_by_lucyrose3-d7lrcux.jpg

You can find lucyrose03/ Valentina Cavazzoni on DeviantArt here.

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