Cosplay Wednesday – Overwatch’s Hanzo (Female)

Female Hanzo Cosplay - Gamers Heroes (10)
Even a year after release, Overwatch is still going strong. As we continue to fight in this first-person shooter, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a unique cosplay of Hanzo.

Cosplayer Socuscia/Cyrii grabs Hanzo’s bow and gets some ink in this spot-on cosplay of the Overwatch hero. Credit goes to Brian Figueroa for the pictures.

Female Hanzo Cosplay

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  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-2.jpg
  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-3.jpg
  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-4.jpg
  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-5.jpg
  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-6.jpg
  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-7.jpg
  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-8.jpg
  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-9.jpg
  • Female-Hanzo-Cosplay-Gamers-Heroes-10.jpg

You can find Solucsia on DeviantArt here and on Facebook here.

Do you enjoy a bit of gaming cosplay? Or maybe you’re passionate enough to do it full time. Drop me a line at [email protected] and we’ll feature some of your cosplay.