Cosplay Wednesday – Phoenix Wright’s Franziska von Karma

Phoenix Wright Franziska Cosplay - Gamers Heroes

Phoenix Wright Franziska Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

Phoenix Wright has been around the block a few times. Between his multiple game appearances, a Japanese musical, a movie and now an anime, this turnabout lawyer is more popular than ever. In honor of this series, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a cosplay of Franziska von Karma. Special thanks to Terra Surya Bakti Photography for the shots.

Rosenbraut dons a wig and grabs a whip in her rendition of Franziska von Karma. Not only does she have the costume down, she also has her mannerisms down as well.

Phoenix Wright Cosplay – Franziska von Karma

  • gyakuten_saiban__franziska_x_miles_cosplay_by_rosenbraut-d553ruw.jpg
  • gyakuten_saiban__franziska_von_karma_by_rosenbraut-d54ryno.jpg
  • gyakuten_saiban__franziska__miles_and_gumshoe_by_rosenbraut-d553as3.jpg
  • franziska_von_karma_cosplay_by_rosenbraut-d33mi9t.png
  • franziska_von_karma_by_rosenbraut-d5qeoqj.png
  • franziska_von_karma_by_rosenbraut-d5nvucz.jpg

You can find Rosenbraut on DeviantArt here.

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