Cosplay Wednesday – Red Dead Redemption’s Bonnie MacFarlane

Red Dead Redemption Bonnie MacFarlane Cosplay - Gamers Heroes

Red Dead Redemption Bonnie MacFarlane Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

After years of waiting, the wild west stylings of Rockstar’s Red Dead series will be returning in Red Dead Redemption 2. As we patiently await the game’s fall 2017 release, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a cosplay of Bonnie MacFarlane.

Taken at Old Tucson Studios for Wild Wild West Con, Campo Santo art director shoomlah cosplayed as Bonnie MacFarlane in these shots. Other than the boots and holster, everything in the costume was entirely made be her. Credit goes to Jerry Abuan for the images.

Red Dead Redemption Bonnie MacFarlane Cosplay

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You can find shoomlah on DeviantArt here, on Facebook here, and on Twitter here.

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