Cosplay Wednesday – Saints Row’s Kinzie Kensington


The Third Street Saints are at it again with the recent release of Saints Row IV: Re-elected and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. This merry band of ne-er do wells has a certain edge to them, one that disregards the rules of both sanity and fashion. This week, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a cosplay of the Saints’ Kinzie Kensington.

Cosplay fanatic youronlydoll might be a little unsure as to what she should cosplay as next, but one thing is for certain: her Kinzie Kensigton cosplay is spot-on. She may see Kenzington as “a grumpy weird shut-in computer nerd,” but she also said that it is a dead ringer for her own persona. In these shots taken by Soul Fire Photography, you can really see that computer nerd in action.

  • kinzie__2_0_by_youronlydoll-d5qounz.jpg
  • kinzie__i__m_not_really_a_violent_person__by_youronlydoll-d5qovlj.jpg
  • kinzie__i_hate_people__by_youronlydoll-d5qp5z5.jpg
  • kinzie__idea_woman_by_youronlydoll-d5p21w4.jpg
  • kinzie__im_in_ur_system__doin_naughty_things_by_youronlydoll-d6mbx26.jpg
  • kinzie__iv_by_youronlydoll-d6a6knu.jpg
  • kinzie__kill_deckers_exe_by_youronlydoll-d5py7tt.jpg
  • kinzie__little_busy_here_by_youronlydoll-d5p1za1.jpg
  • kinzie__really__boss__by_youronlydoll-d6mc0je.jpg
  • kinzie__respectable_by_youronlydoll-d6c3f0q.jpg
  • kinzie__this_is_what_i_get_for_going_outside____by_youronlydoll-d5p1zlf.jpg
  • kinzie__what__by_youronlydoll-d5p20se.jpg

You can find youronlydoll on DeviantArt here.

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