Cosplay Wednesday – The Elder Scrolls Online’s Daedric Armor

Daedric Armor Cosplay - Gamers Heroes

Daedric Armor Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

After what seems like forever, The Elder Scrolls Online is finally making its way to console. As these TV-bound warriors get ready to explore TESO’s online world of Tamriel, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a fine cosplay of the game’s Daedric armor.

With more than five years’ cosplay experience to date, ArsynalProps designed this Daedric armor from scratch. Everything from the breastplate to the helmet was created by him out of Worbla, which is no small feat. Not content with just that armor, he has also crafted Nightingale Armor and a Dwemer Puzzle Cube. He truly is a modern-day blacksmith.

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You can find ArsynalProps on DeviantArt here.

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