Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Combat Still Looks Turn Based

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Combat Still Looks Turn Based

Everyone has been freaking out about the combat system in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake ever since the new trailer launched. We took another look at the trailer and actually think the game will still be turn based but with more active movement. Check out our reasons down below!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Combat Still Looks Turn Based

First off you will want to check the trailer again so you can understand what I am talking about.

The combat starts at about the 1:15 timer.

If you watch closely throughout the whole sequence their are only two characters that attack, Barret and Cloud. The enemies do move around but they do not fight back implying that it is not their turn to fight yet. The combat system seems to be a little bit more like Final Fantasy 13 except you get to choose where you characters go. If it was an active time combat system the enemies would be fighting back.

We think people are getting a little worked up over 10 seconds of combat and wanted to point out that it might not actually be as bad as everyone thinks. Still until Square comes out and confirms one way or another, we don’t know anything for sure.

  • J.j. Barrington

    No common sense on the internet, sir.

  • tham jun yan

    i think it could be a semi turn based as square enix mentioned, u see the bar fills as cloud atts, i think if ur being too trigger happy, ur bar turns red after it’s full, and there could be a penalty like a longer cooldown before u can do any command again, if u wait for enemies’ att, ur bar decreases or something like that

  • lulzprime

    Uhm, it’s basically a more refined version of the original battle system that was shown with Versus XIII lol…

  • dude8484

    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the trailer, good to know one other person on the Internet seemed to notice lol.

    The red bar could just be the wait bar like in the original lol I bet no one thought of that either

  • Kane Ten

    The editing of the gameplay video is VERY fast, so it’s intentionally difficult to figure out how the game actually plays. It’s just typical hype mongering. The system clearly looks similar to KH/FFXV, and very much unlike proper, strategic turn-based combat.