Cosplay Wednesday – Metal Gear Solid’s MSF Officer

Cosplay Wednesday - Metal Gear Solid's MSF Officer
Developer Hideo Kojima, always a perfectionist, will be re-re-releasing the Metal Gear Solid series of games in the “definitive” Metal Gear Solid Legacy edition. In honor of this collection of fine games, we take a look at one of the soldiers from Outer Heaven — in cosplay form!

Omi “AkiOmi” Gibson is part artist, part student, part photographer, and part cosplayer. She has done many Metal Gear Solid-themed cosplays from Dr. Strangelove to Raiden, but ironically her rendition of a faceless member of Peace Walker’s Militaires Sans Frontières trumps them all. Packing a shield, a sneaking suit, and a banana, this outfit goes all out.

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You can find AkiOmi on American Cosplay Paradise here and DeviantArt here.

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