Suck My Controller: Do you like hot dogs?

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Bratislava_New_Year_Fireworks-300x225On this episode of of Suck My Controller we open with some talk about what we did over the 4th. Johhny and I recall our mishaps and haps while watching fireworks while Smith tells us he slept through the Olympic Torch going through his town. about Dawnguard, League of Legends and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. We also dive into why Squre-Enix has fallen from it's Japanese graces.

The news section is filled with juicy material like Phantasy Star Online 2 release date announced for the West, Ice Age Online and other Ice Age related stuff as well as Paul McCartney writing music for Bungie. Steam Summer Sale info was released and Captain Camper could care less about any of the games. Lastly we finish it up with some news about a FPS Walking Dead game being developed by Activision.

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  • Dyann

    Hey your email link doesnt work:[email protected]

    is what its linked too. FYI

    • You know I’m not sure why its linked like that I’ll have them fix it. Thanks for pointing it out.

      • Ryan McBride

        link is fixed sorry guys!

    • Also thanks for the email. Now I know its working 😉

      • your Twitter page has an extra 21% in it I think- wrote Smith: your twitter page isnt working:
        [9:58:22 PM] Dyann Callahan: needs 21% removed

        • Ryan McBride

          Fixed! No idea why that part was added to the link. :/

          • Thanks for fixing it! Yeah, on ours the sidebar link did go to the developers/programmers twitter and not ours
            – Twitter is very wiley. 😀
            Hope we arent bugging you guys too much- had fun listening! We have all known another for quite a bit and try to go to cons and such. I told Smith to come over and we could all go and heckle people like true writers do- and we can dress him up in cosplay and hit Comicon or something 😀 Maybe someday…..

          • Smith in cosplay? Oh that’d be priceless I bet.

  • Amazin and Blazin

    Do you have to download Itunes- or is there a place to buy the casts for a few bucks?
    I can see the Brit with hot dogs full on ala Slimer on Ghostbusters…
    I dont think enough people were offended in this one but loved hearing about Jayce and Zyra- kudos!

    • Ryan McBride

      You can either download it by right clicking the link for the podcast, or you can susbscribe in iTunes!

      • Is anybody on the Gamewise or Mechwarrior Betas? MW I LOVVEEE, but Gamewise…?

        How I envision Smith creating, the link above in my website space and if it will video response. I actually have respect for his work and his process (dont tell ’em- I’ll deny it). 😀

      • How do you leave comments in Itunes? I will as it nice to find something fun to listen too, but I am NOT smarter than Itunes I am finding out as its kicking my a–.

  • Blazin Hot

    Well, my eyes are still bleeding after reading over someones shoulder about Bubbles and squeak, Brolleys, and “Spotted Dick” from an english authority on the subject. Thanks D for the scarring of my retinas…I did enjoy the podcast…..whats all that screeching in the end? Twilight Zone episode?
    Do you guys do Dragoncon?

    • Who knew that “Spotted Dick” was some kind of weird English creamed pudding?

      In true stripper logic, I am sure thats not the ONLY time time you have heard that expression this month (week?) Blaze you trollop (no not something on a Rice-A-Roni commercial. I think were you work it would be the house special.

      Was the end an outtake from “The Birds” or a clip- funny!
      More please. Dy

      • Hooters is a family restuarant!

  • Sorry Dy- guess your Paul McCartney news was old, heard it hear first. Cute Halo road graphic- stold that too? Whats a Brolley?

    So ummm, Ryan? I am a Pokeman fan too. Seems we like the same games, LOL is frigging hard you are right. Its easiest Dota type, but hard.Whats you fave? My is Eevee too. Dyann doesnt understand.

    • Ryan McBride

      My favorite pokemon is Espeon!

      • Will you guys be reviewing Brave? I would like to ask if you guys take requests? I love the movie.

        • Ryan McBride

          Probably not? Any requests in the future would be awesome! Unfortunately that game has been out a while so unless you can beg Captain Camper to either pick up a copy or send one to one of us it probably won’t get done.

    • “Utilized” Poke-Lover, not stole. I dont pesonally have Abby road pics Haha be quiet or I will sneak in and steal your Eevee jacket and cut its tail OFF! You and Blaze are having a good time, we need to have another drinking game for next weeks podcast- shots word: SMITH! Bring some Hpnotiq- hope they realize we(us girls) all are good friends 😀

    • Blazing

      I remember my parents wouldnt let me watch Pokemon as they thought Rougela? was rascist, and then the Squirtle episode about gangs got it banned from the house.
      I am a purist- I like Pikachu.
      So Ryan who is your favorite Ice Age character from the new game? Are Crash and Eddie in there- the possums? The new movie comes out tomorrow-

      • Ryan McBride

        I love the squirrel thing. Whatever his name is that is always chasing around the acorn!

    • Dyann understands Pikachu is a brown noser. Ditto is my fave as he can be ANYTHING! If he WANTs too!

      and dont most english guys LIKE F-me pumps and lipstick anyway> I pegged Smith as more a Furry.

      Oh and you guys should do Pin Interest with these, share the love!