Suck My Controller: Olympic Edition

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Suck My Controller Olympic Rings

This week Captain Camper has decided that he is the most important person in the world. We also talk about the Olympics and the why he should be watching it. Did an 80 year old women jump out of a plane? We also touch on other things we have been doing in the week but all and all we didn’t really do much.

The games front is a lot more interesting however. This week we talk about Legue of Legends, LOTRO, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD and Wreckateer. For some reason we talk about how Wreckateer may actual be a good kinect game. There isn’t a whole lot of news this week but we push through. In our news section some nerds get mad at pretty girls, Square-Enix has some stuff, Walking Dead is coming to iDevices and the Secret World is free for this weekend.

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If you ever want a backstage peek at what we talk about before or after the show make sure to listen to our outro with 8-bit music this week by Lemon Demon. The song is called Word Disassociation and can be found here.

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  • “Outback Obama” the Black guy. Nice. So are you guys on Mechwarrior? do you mean Founders Keys?

    • I’m not on Mechwarrior. I don’t think any of us are at the moment.

      • Ryan McBride

        I would love to be but Captain Camper hasn’t actually given any of us codes!

    • Lol it wasn’t “Outback Obama” I was saying “Oback Obama”. Heat of the moment, totally forgot the US presidents name…lol