Code Vein Regen Extension And Activation Factor Location Guide

Code Vein Regen Extension Factor Location Guide
Regen extension factor in Code vein is what you need to get more healing flasks. Some of these are easy to find, while others you will skip right over. Check out this Code Vein Code Vein Regen Extension Factor location guide to find them all.

Code Vein Regen Extension Factor Location Guide

Ruined City Underground Regen Extension
Head to the Natural Cavern waypoint on this map. Go out into the cave and look right. You will see two enemies above you and a couple more patrolling the area. You want to climb up to where the two enemies are above you and take them out. Under them you will find the Regen upgrade.

Ruined City Center Regen Extension
Warp to the Parking Garage waypoint to find this upgrade. Climb down the ladder and go onto the street below. Keep following the street until you run into the group of thralls being led by revenants. Kill them or let them pass, your call. Either way you need to go forward to the end of the street and you will find the upgrade behind the crashed trailer there.

Howling Pit Regen Extension
You will want to head to the Hills of Deception warp point to find this upgrade. Look over the cliff to see one of the bug like creatures below, and a item as well. The item down there is the upgrade. Drop attack the enemy and grab it.

Ashen Cavern Regen Extension
Head to the Towering Crags Mistle and drop down into the cavern and take the watery path up. Don’t go left at the top but keep going to a narrow bridge. Kill the enemy and go all the way through to find your next Regen Extension.

Desert Area Regen Extension
This one is pretty hard to miss. As you progress in the level you will eventually get to a large sand arena. In the center you can find the Regen Extension.

Desert Level Regen Extension

Government Area Regen Extension
This one can be found right after the cargo container area. Once you clear that area, continue until you see a ladder that leads to a EOS item. Go down that ladder and up the metal ramp to find the Regen Extension.

Code Vein Regen Extension Factor Activation Guide

Dried Up Trenches Regen Activation
From the entrance, follow the path all the way around the cliff side until you find a large black wire on the floor. Take that path until you run into some boxes. Bust through them and enter the cave. After only a few steps, look right and there is a path with a ladder. Take the ladder down and follow the path to the end to find a mini boss. Kill the mini boss, and the item is on the white branch behind him.
Cathedral Of Sacred Blood Regen Activation 1
From the start of the Cathedral, go forward and kill the first enemy on the circle platform. Climb up the stairs and take a left while keeping an eye on the right side. When you get to the door with the fat enemy inside, kill it and the boost is found there.

Cathedral Of Sacred Blood Regen Activation 2
Head to the Outlook Tower warp point and follow the path forward. Enter the tower on the right and take the steps all the way down. Exit the tower and then go forward until you can go left. All the way at the end of that path you will find a mini boss. Kill him and you will get your second Regen activation here.
Ridge Of Frozen Souls Regen Activation
When you finally get to the ice mountain you can find another Regen Extension. Go up the mountain until you find a truck stuck in the snow and about four lost. One of the lost will run at you and try to dive bomb you with a grenade. If you look left from the truck you can see some platforms down below you can land on. Drop down, and follow the path all the way to the end to find the Regen Activation.

City Of Fallen Flame Regen Activation
You can find this one down one of the flaming alleys in the area. As you are running down it, there is a tiny nook on the right that it is sitting in. Here is a picture of where you can find it.

City Of Fallen Flame Regen Activation Code Vein

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