Destiny Player Finds Taken King Enemies Early

Destiny Player Finds Taken King Enemies Early
Destiny’s new expansion, The Taken King, isn’t due out until next week but some players have found the new enemies early. They aren’t killable at the moment but you can still see them if you want. Check out this article and find out how!

Destiny Players Finds Taken King Enemies Early

If you skip to about the 11 minute mark you can see that these players find a unique bounty on earth. When they click the bounty it gives them orders to go take on the Taken. When they get there, well just check out the video and you will see.

Skip to the 11 minute mark for the bounty and the 12 minute mark for the enemies.

The new enemies kind of glow and almost look like they have the Xur tendrils coming off of them. Anyways they are way to high of a level to beat at the moment but is still cool to see them early!