Street Fighter V Fan Makes “Story Mode” Video

Street Fighter V Story Mode - Gamers Heroes

Street Fighter V Story Mode – Gamers Heroes

Bummed out that Street Fighter V isn’t getting a proper story mode until June? Not to worry – one fan has taken the initiative and created one of his own.

YouTuber sigmaG19 thought there were things Capcom could have done with the characters of Street Fighter V, so he set out to make this video. Set to the chill sounds of Shagabond by Niju, “Street Fighter V – Satsui No Hadou” features F.A.N.G., Rashid, Bison, Ryu and Nash in a short trailer. The game cuts between different fight scenes, with an emphasis on a nicely done “Ryu X Necalli” swap.

You can view it below:

Street Fighter V – Satsui no Hadou

Source: YouTube