Where To Get Shard Of Naydras Horn In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Where To Get Shard Of Naydras Horn In Zelda Breath Of The Wild
The Naydra Horn is another material you will need to upgrade the Champion’s Tunic in The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild. This can be hard to find because Naydra is very rare and only comes out at certain times. Check out this guide to find out Where To Get Shard Of Naydras Horn In Zelda Breath Of The Wild.

Where To Get Shard Of Naydras Horn In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Make sure you have a triple shot bow before you try this, it is needed to get the Shard. Go to this location on the map and set up camp on the cliff side there, wait until night.

Shard Of Naydras Horn In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Now if you look towards Mount Lanayru around midnight, you will see Naydra spawn and she will come down right under where you are standing. Wait for her to get close enough and jump and glide towards her crown, this is what you are aiming for. When you are close enough pull your bow out and take the shot, watch out for the ice orbs that are coming at you. When her crown goes shiny it means you have landed the hit and the shard will fly off. You will need two, so set up camp again and reset to the next night and repeat.

This one can be the most tricky because you might not have Naydra spawning yet. If she isn’t spawning you have to defeat her up on Mount Lanayru for the first time. This is a very easy fight, just shoot the corruption eyeballs off her as she is flying around and she will return to normal and the Spring of Wisdom can be accessed. When she has been defeated she will start flying around at night, this is the only dragon you have to do this for.

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  • Josh Burner

    Btw triple shot is not needed for this….just confirmed

    • Zhuria

      Yeah, definitely not needed. You just need to make sure to actually hit the horn. A couple of bows will guarantee your shot.

    • You don’t need triple shot. I got the horn with a simple boko bow. One tip is try to position your camera, as the horn will fall in a random position.

  • Lana Kronenfeld

    Naydra showed up at 6am on the mountain. I’m pretty sure each game is different in regards to timing.

    • All of them appear early in the morning (6am – 7am). Just set a bonfire close to the location and fast travel to the next morning.

      • Myst3ryMan23

        Not really true, I’ve had Dinraal show up around 9 pm and Farosh around 1 to 2 am.

      • Richard Kent Lamphier

        Not true, Dinraal shows up at night, if you camp halfway down Tanagar canyon Northwest of Maag No’rah Shrine, you can easily jump off and “slow-mo” shoot, literally right next to him. Just be sure to be fireproof when you do.

      • Yup, after exploring more the game I found not all of them appear at the same time in some locations. But at least in Faron and Lanayru they do. I just do that to farm a lot of horns and scales. You have my word!

  • BivalentZs

    Sat and waited from 9 pm till 7 am. nothing. Then tried 12 pm till 6 pm. Nothing. Giess I’m narrowing the gap though.

  • Teagan D.

    Unless you suck at aiming, you don’t need triple shot

  • Sam McGinn

    This guy is a moron you do not need a https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8a59c540188c97702752bfe2a364f16a8e46d537c5412ded7a57e2b26db623ef.jpg three shot bow just good aim and if you go to the spot I’ve shown you can rest till morning and she will be in an advantageous spot by 630 am way easier way faster.

  • Pei Wu

    does it not work when a blood moon occurs?

  • Richard Kent Lamphier

    A good bow to use for all the dragon parts is the Golden Bow or any bow that zooms in to first person. These bows are like sniper bows and if you can get close enough, make it really easy to get whichever part you need.