Anthem Vanishing Act Puzzle Guide

When you get to the mission called Vanishing Act in Anthem, you will have to finish a puzzle to beat it. Check out this Anthem Vanishing Act puzzle guide to get through it as quick as possible. Hopefully your team will watch your back while you do the puzzle.

Anthem Vanishing Act Puzzle Guide

This puzzle can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. For this one you will have to match the symbols on the rings. The center ring has the symbol you need to match. So you need to match the symbol in the center with the same symbol on the second ring, third ring, and fourth ring. Let’s say the center symbol is a cross. Now you need to press the button when the second circle cross and the first circle cross meet up. It is slightly delayed, so you might have to press it slightly before they meet up. Do it for the other symbols as well and it will complete. You will eventually be attacked as well and hopefully your team watches your back when doing the puzzle. From my experience once you figure out the first puzzle they will let you do the rest.

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