Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cultist Location Guide

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cultist Location Guide
In AC Odyssey you will eventually be hunting down cultists for the main story. Here, we have an Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cultist location guide to help you find them quicker. With this, you can get some legendary gear earlier.

AC Odyssey Cultist Location Guide

Eyes Of Kosmos Cultist Locations

Dead by the time you get this list.

One of the first targets you can kill. After you get the info from the cultist hideout, she can be found at the Port Of Nisaia in Megaris. Kill her and confirm the kill to mark her.

The Master

The Master comes from a side quest chain that you get from Sokrates. First off though, you need to clear the main story in Athens. After you beat the main story stuff there, these side quests unlock. The side quest that starts the chain is called “Citizenship Test” in Greater Athens. If it is not there yet, keep doing the story until it unlocks. Sokrates moves to the Port Of Piraeus in Attika in one point, do that quest as well. It ends at the Silver Mine in Attika, do the last side quest there and take the Master out.

The Master AC Odyssey


Hermippos comes from a side quest chain that you get from Sokrates. First off though, you need to clear the main story in Athens. After you beat the main story stuff there, these side quests unlock. The side quest that starts the chain is called “Citizenship Test” in Greater Athens. If it is not there yet, keep doing the story until it unlocks. Complete that chain and you will find out where Hermippos is.

Hermippos AC ODyssey

Midas is found in the region of Argolis.

Nyx The Shadow
This is the Sage of the Eyes Of Kosmos. She is found here on the map. You have to take out all the other cultists in this chain to unlock her.

Nyx Location AC Odyssey

The Silver Vein Cultist Locations

Epiktetos The Forthcoming
Dead when you get the list.

The Chimera
The Chimera is found in Andros, the island where you forge your spear.

The Centaur Of Euboea
Found in the region of Euboea. He is at an abandoned mine here on the map. He travels between the Seaside Altar and the mine there.

The Centaur Of Euboea

The Silver Griffin

To find the Silver Griffin, you need to find his clue in the Attika Silver Mine. Fight your way through the mine, all the way to the back, and you will find a gold chest. The chest is hidden pretty well if you don’t know where to look. Climb up the wooden scaffolding and above that there is a broken wooden bridge hanging down. Climb up there for the chest that has the clue and Agamemnon’s Gauntlets.

Agamemnon's Gauntlets AC Odyssey

Machaon The Feared

This is a massive jump in level, he is level 45. You have to find a clue to figure out what Machaon is though. You can find the clue here on the Scavenger’s Coast. You don’t have to go into the water, there is a dead body on the cliffs here. Interact with the body and you will get the clue.

Machaon The Feared AC Odyssey

After you defeat all of the cultists in the Silver Vien, Polemon is revealed. He is located at the Teichos of Herakles in Achaia.

Polemon The Wise Location AC Odyssey

Delian League Cultist Locations


You have to complete the side quest Trouble In Paradise on Mykonos in order to find this cultist. You will have to chose a side here but both of them end in finding the Cultist. Follow the next quest chain and when you complete it all, the cultist will be revealed. He is the leader of the Silver islands and will die when you complete the quest Hades, meet Podarkes.

Rhexenor The Hand
Story related, can’t be missed.


Kodros The Bull
You unlock Kodros after you clear the Arena. He is found up in Lesbos on the Petrified Islands.

Kodros Location AC Odyssey

Kleon The Everyman
Story related, can’t be missed.

Heroes Of The Cult Cultist Locations

Okytis The Great
Okytis is found in the south area of Attika. He roams the Sanctuary of Sounion.

Okytos The Great


This is connected to a side quest chain. It is part of the Minotaurs and Men side mission which is found in Messara, here on the map.

Swordfish Location AC Odyssey

Belos The Beast Of Sparta
Belos is found in the Arena. You will get a side quest to go to the Arena from your first Mercenary kill. He is level 29 so make sure you are the right level before going in.


In order to find Deianeria, you have to kill a leader in Boeotia. The leader house is in Kadmeia but I found the leader traveling on the road here.

Deianeira Cultist location ac Odyssey

When you kill the leader you will get the clue for Deianeia. She is located in Boeotia, here on the map.

Heroes Of The Cult Clue Location AC Odyssey

Pallas The Silencer
Pallas is by buying the ripped Spartan Flag from the blacksmith in Korinth. When he is unlocked, you must fight a conquest battle in Achaia on the side of Athens. He will spawn during that fight and you can kill him there.

Exekias The Legend
I honestly didn’t even realize this guy was a cultist when I killed him. He was a high level mercenary with a legendary weapon so I offed him. He is the leader of the Heroes Of The Cult tree.

Worshippers Of The Bloodline Cultist Locations

I found her by accident when hunting bears. She is found in Malis, at an alpha bear cave here on the map. If you find her clue however, she gets locked in an area you can’t reach atm.

From the official Ubisoft Forums – Zoisme & Kallias cannot be reached
Description: There is currently an issue where Zoisme and Kallias are spawned in the Cave of Gaia and cannot be reached.
Status: Will be addressed with TU 1.0.3

AC Odyssey Zoisme

Harpalos is found on the Pirate Islands. There is a cave on the island called the Cave Of Ares. Enter there and you will run into Harpalos on the end of the cave.

Harpalos Location AC Odyssey

You unlock this cultist after completing the main story mission Speak No Evil. Do the quest Ashes To Ashes to find her and take her down. If you miss her during Ashes to Ashes, another quest will pop up get her called No One Escapes Death. There is a choice involved with this cultist, check out our choices and consequences guide here if you need help with it.


For this cultist, you need to head to Kythera island and do the side quest I, Diona there.

I Diona Quest Location AC Odyssey

This quest opens up two more you need to complete, All Bonds Will Break and The Handmaiden’s Story. One of these leads to Atoll Order and the other leaders into in A Rush. This all results in a betrayal from Diona and you have to kill her. They are twins so you will have to decide which one is the real Cultist. The right sister is the real Diona.


To unlock the Melite fight, you need you start the side quest Minotour De Force in Pephka. Complete all the additional missions until you face the “Minotuar” and he will reveal the cult has his daughter. Help him rescue here and you will be awarded with Melites location.

Melite Location AC Odyssey

Iokaste The Seer
When all other cultist are dead, Iokaste will be unlocked. She is on Chios, here on the map.

Iokaste location AC Odyssey

Gods Of The Aegean Sea Cultist Locations

Asterion travels the seas between Skyros and Andros.

To draw Sokos out you need to do a conquest battle on the Obsidian Isles. I fought for Athens during the battle, I don’t know if you can get him to come out if you join the Spartans.

Sokos Cultist Location AC Odyssey

The Octopus
You unlock the Octopus after you take down Sokos. She sails near the Messa and Thera.

The Octopus AC Odyssey


To find Melanthos you must take out the leader in Messara. He is either in the leader house here on the map or in the fort to the south of it.

Melanthos Location AC Odyssey

The target is to the west of Messara, in the sea.

The Mytilenian Shark
I came across this Cultist out on the sea here on the map. He has purple sails with an octopus on the sails. He sails between Kos and Samos.

The Shark AC Odyssey

The Hydra
This is the Sage of the Gods Of The Aegean Sea. You will unlock him after you kill all the other cultists in the tree. He is found on the bottom left of the map.

The Hydra AC odyssey

Peloponnesian League Cultist Locations

Skylax The Fair

To gain access to Skylax, you must first loot the region chests in Lokis. It is found here on the map.

Lokis Fort Location AC Odyssey

Skylax can then be found across the sea on the Abantis Islands.

Story related and can’t be missed. You will find him during Chapter 6 while you are in Korinthia.

Lagos The Archon
Story related, can’t be missed.

Story related, can’t be missed.

Silanos Of Paros
This guy is story related and can’t be missed. The story mission is called “Unified Front” and he is on a boat you have to destroy.

Story related, can’t be missed.

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