Assassins Creed Origins Cyrene Gladiator Arena Guide

Assassins Creed Origins Cyrene Gladiator Arena Guide
Want to master the fights at the Cyrene arena? This Assassins Creed Origins Cyrene Gladiator Arena Guide will tell you everything you need to know to emerge victorious on the field of battle and defeat all of the different bosses at the largest arena in Egypt.

Before you are able to participate in fights at the Cyrene Gladiator Arena you must unlock it. To unlock the Cyrene Arena you first need to unlock the Krokodilopolis Arena. Once you have unlocked that arena progress through the story sections of it and kill The Brothers. Once that is done you are invited to participate at events in the second arena.

We’ve got some basic tips from our Arena Guide but encase you missed it, here they are again.

  • Once you defeat a boss of an event, you unlock the next stage
  • You cannot use your own weapons. Only those given to you
  • Unlock the Overpower Chain Throw ability. This is a great way to dispatch of two heavy targets or archers in a single action
  • Your Overpower attack can hit more than one person. Be sure to utilize as best as possible
  • Overpower Ultra is another good ability
  • Adrenaline 2 makes most boss fights easy

There are several stages in the Gladiator Arena, as follows:

The Hammer
The hardest part of this one is the weapon they give you, it’s not very good. Other than that it’s very easy, not overly challenging and the boss is not a problem at all. Try to use dodge when fighting the boss, as opposed to block.

The Axes
Very much the same as The Hammer. Easy battles with a poor weapon. Focus on dodging when fighting the boss.

The Hoplite
This boss is the easiest of both arenas. He’s slow, slugging and doesn’t do much damage. Dodge behind him during his attacks and swing with your light attack. Rinse and repeat.

The Seleucid
Long spear and shield for this one. I’d never used a spear before so I struggled. It’s not all that different, there are raised platforms that archers stand on so be wary of that. Avoid the fire traps as they start to get very common. One of the stages you just have to use a bow but that’s easier than the spear so you shouldn’t have many problems. The boss is more difficult than the previous boss battles. He has fire bombs and also sets his spear on fire. Same combat tactic works, dodge to rear and hit.

The Duelist
The build up to the boss fight is probably the easiest in this section. Good choice of weapons, an easy bow level. You shouldn’t have many issues. The boss is also easy. Moves fast but takes a lot of damage. Wear her down quick. You get the Roman Legionnaires Legendary Outfit for beating all the challenges on normal.

The Elite is very much the same. The enemies are a slightly higher level and not as passive but if you’ve got this far, you won’t have a problem.

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