Assassin’s Creed Unity Guide: Chest Locations, Loot & Equipment

Assassin's Creed Unity Guide: Chest Locations, Loot & Equipment
The world of Unity is filled with a huge variety of collectibles but some are more worth your time than others. This Assassin’s Creed Unity Guide: Chest Locations, Loot & Equipment guide lists all of the chest locations for chests that contain unlockables, equipment, clothing or other valuable items and not just in-game currency.

The level of freedom in Assassin’s Creed Unity means there’s a very high chance that you will not progress in the same manner that I did. As such some of these chests may seem a little out of whack to begin with. As I discover more chests and items and once the guide nears completion, I will try to arrange them in an order that would be most helpful to the majority.

On some of the images there is no chest icon as I have already collected it. If you do not see a chest icon in the middle of the screen please refer to the circular icon at the exact center. That will give a general location of the chest.


Assassin’s Creed Unity Review – Hindered By Past Brilliance

Assassin’s Creed Unity is among the best looking titles of our generation and boasts a level of content that would rival that of the biggest open world games on the market. Some extra attention to the games technical hiccups, Co-Op problems and convoluted story wouldn’t have gone amiss but still, AC Unity is a great addition to the franchise

Assassins Creed Unity: Novice Chests

Temple Le Marais Chest – Unlocks Tailored Brigand Bracers

Temple Le Marais Novice Chest - Unlocks Tailored Brigand Bracers

Assassins Creed Unity: Intermediate Chests

Hotel De Ville Chest – Unlocks Tailored Prowler Coat

Assassin's Creed Unity Chest Locations Guide - Hotel De Ville

Luxembourg Le Quartier Latin – Unlocks Tailored Sans-Culottes Trousers

AC Unity Chests Guide