Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Choices And Consequences Guide

Assassins Creed Valhalla Choices And Consequences Guide

Much like AC Odyssey, AC Valhalla will have plenty of choices for you to make. Check out this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Choices and Consequences guide to make sure you don’t so something you regret. Some of the choices don’t matter, but others will effect the ending of the game for you.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Choices And Consequences Guide

If a choice is not listed, it doesn’t matter.

The Prodigal Prince Choices
When you chat with Sigurd you will get some choices.

I should have gone easy on you
You say you should have let him win on his first day back, he laughs and says you didn’t even let him get started.

You make everything a challenge
You tell Sigurd that he turns everything into a competition and he agrees. You then say it is good to have him back.

This is strong stuff
You tell him that two winters away has made him weak to the spiced booze of his home. He laughs and agrees.

When you are presented with the blade, you get a few more choices.

A thing of beauty
You say it is beautiful craftsmanship and Basim explains what it is. Haythem protests giving you this weapon, but you still get it.

It looks harmless
You say it is pretty small and not threatening. Basim retorts that in the hands of a skilled warrior is is very deadly. Hytham still protests.

Hytham looks offended
Hytham says he is not offended by you having it, but by what it means to his order. He isn’t sure you are worthy of the blade.

Rude Awakening Choices
After the raid you will get some visitors.

We have common cause
You say anyone who wants to see Kjotve dead is a friend of yours. The king and his men will join you in the battle.

We don’t need your men
You tell him it is a shame he came here with all his men when you don’t need him. Sigurd will disagree and the King will say the debt has been settles already. He will still join you during the attack.

What’s in it for you?
You ask him why he will risk his men to help us. King Harald says this war has gone on long enough, and for peace Kjotve must die. The king and his men will fight with you during the fortress battle.

Gorm Choices
After taking the forest in the main story, you will run into Gorm when you meet with King Harold. You then have a choice to make.

Kill him
You tell him you would send him to Hel just like his father. The king says he understands but that would be too easy. He renames Gorm to Worm and exiles him.

Banish Him
Harold agrees and Gorm is banished from the lands. He is still named Worm and the king says that it is a wise choice because he will suffer longer.

You decide
King Harald admires the answer. He renames Gorm to Worm and exiles him from the lands.

You then get a choice from the king. He says you are welcome in his kingdom and would be a boon to his army.

I seek Valhalla
You say I dream of glorious death, but you won’t betray your family. Your fate is tied to Sigurd, so you can’t join his kingdom.

I am bound to Sigurd
You say that you and Sigurd are bound by fate and that you cannot join his kingdom.

I do not know my fate
You say that your fate is unknown, and the king says you intrigue him. Still, you say you are bound to Sigurd and will remain so.

Take Or Leave Resources Choices
Before you leave, you need to choose if you want to take or leave the resources for Stybjorn.

Take the resources
You say we will need all the help we can get. Sigurd doesn’t like this, but he will accept because you are joining him in England. Stybjorn will call you a thief before you leave as well. You will have 700 supplies and 20 raw materials when you start in England if you choose this option. This counts as a bad choice for Sigurd, which plays into the end game. Long story short, if your make three bad choices in Sigurd’s eyes, he will leave England and return to Norway before the final battle.

Leave the resources
Sigurd is happy with the answer as he didn’t want a cloud bearing over the situation. 300 supplies and 20 raw materials is what you will start with in England.

Tonna Cow Choices
At a point during the story a woman named Tonna will tell you to buy her another cow.

You pay for her cow and she gives you some info. You can get the info for free if you are willing to do a little bit extra work.

If you have high enough Charisma you can pay half and she will give you the info.

I’m not paying
You ask if she takes you as a fool? She says you are desperate and you have to pay. If you pick this option you lose the charm option. You can also not pay her again and she locks the doors on you. You then have to sneak in and find clues to help you find the king. Use the Odin Vision to help find them.

After you take the king, Tonna will try to kill you if you choose this option.

Interrogating The Queen Choices
After capturing the queen, you will have to get the info out of her.

Ceowulf is a good man
You say Ceowulf is trying to bring Mercia to a brighter future. The queen does not agree.

I see why you despise him
You say you understand why, but he is the salve for the wound that is Mercia.

I’m not here to talk about Ceolwulf
You say you don’t care about how she feels about him. The queen reminds you that her husband was chosen by God.

Eventually good ole Ivarr turns up.

Weak stomach?
You tell her that pigs are big eater, and they might be hungry again soon. The threat works and you get the info you need from the queen.

Get out, Ivar
You kick Ivar out and he goes. The queen wants out and is willing to talk to you.

Do nothing
Ivarr says you might not want to stick around, the stink will be bad. The queen freaks out and begins to talk.

Afterwards you speak with Ivarr

Cleaver of you
You the heads were a nice spectacle. Ivar says it’s just him.

You nearly blew it
You say you are getting a little tired of Ivar’s theatrics. He says that they aren’t theatrics, they’re just him.

Spare Or Kill Leofrith Choice

Evior tells Leofrith that his king abandoned him and gave up the crown. Leofrith appreciates the gesture of great kindness and he tells you of a statue with a scroll in a small bowl. He then flees to Rome. If you destroy the scroll, the Zealots will not hunt you down. The Zealots are the helmet guys on the map that hit like trucks.

You tell Leofrith he fought well and you will send him to see his god. Ceolbert say’s he didn’t deserve that, you retort by saying he earned it. You don’t get to loot his body and now the Zealots will actively hunt you if you get too close. I’m not sure why you’d do this choice unless you want a harder challenge.

Spare Or Kill Norse Warrior Choice
After your village is attacked, you get the choice to spare of kill a raider.

Dag is angry with the decision, the warrior thanks Eivor. Dag then throws an axe into the back of the guys head and kills him anyway.

You kill the raider and Dag is happy. Randvi gets upset about this and says she can’t plan if she doesn’t have info. Either way the guy dies.

Thor Freyja Or Tyr Choice
This decision picks who fights along side you. It doesn’t matter a ton, just who you want to see fighting.

Kill Or Keep A Hostage Scout Choice
Here you will have a choice to keep the scout as a hostage, or to kill him. It isn’t really a choice though, you can kill him yourself, or Valdis will do it if you suggest keeping him as a hostage.

Words Before The Battle Choice
Before you raid the island, you will be asked to give some words to the fighters. It doesn’t matter a ton which one you pick, it’s all just flavor.

Remember Oswald’s sacrifice
You tell them Oswald was fair and strong, who gave his life for this kingdom. Then you tell them to fight with the courage he showed when fighting Rued. The soldiers say “For Oswald!” and fight by your side.

This is a battle for freedom
You tell the people that it is time to fight back and free yourself from Rued. The people chant “Freedom” and fight by your side to take the island.

East Anglia needs you
You tell the fighters this home is on the verge of ruin and only they can save it. They say “for East Anglia” and help you dispose of the Rued clan.

Kill Or Spare Rued Choice
After taking his fort, you will have to decide Rued’s fate.

Kill Rued
You kill Rued, but can’t loot his body if you wanted his sword. Oswald is not happy about this, but will become your ally anyways. He tells you that people like you and him have to change if we are to have peace in East Anglia. This prevents Rued from interrupted the wedding and has Finnr join your crew after the wedding.

Spare Rued
Oswald will be happy with your choice and Rued will just laugh. Allowing Rued to live will make it so he attacks at the wedding and challenges Oswald to a death match. Those choices are listed down below.

Wedding Choice
Only one of the choices matters here, but if you let Rued live, he will try to fight Oswald.

You fight Rued
Reud is killed and king Oswald is happy, pledging his allegiance to the Raven Clan. You also get Finnr as a crewmate in this instance.

Oswald fights Rued
Oswald fights, and wins. He earns the respect of everyone there and pledges to be your ally. Finnr is so impressed that he actually stays with the king to help him out instead of joining your crew.

Rowan Or Holger Choice
Only one of the choices matters here, but if you let Rued live, he will try to fight Oswald.

Rowan is right
You tell Holger that Rowan is clearly in the right, as Holger cut off the horses tail and diminished its value. You say Holger has to pay and Holger is not happy about it but they both leave and don’t cause any trouble.

Holger is right
You explain to Rowan that he didn’t lose any money and his horses hair will grow back. You then tell Holger that this is the LAST time he steals thing without permission. Holger then apologizes to Rowan and the two leave as friends.

Sleep With Randvi Or Dont Choice
After going on a ride and drinking with Randvi, there are some choices to make. This is one of those important ones, if you sleep with Randvi now, Sigurd WILL find out.

I feel the same way
You say that is comforting to hear, as you feel the same way. You guys talk some more and then do it. Sigurd will find out and he will not be happy about this. If you wait a little while though, you will get the chance to sleep with her AFTER Sigurd and here are no longer together. This is one of those choices that can have negative effects on the ending.

Now is not the right time
You tell her you wish you could indulge further, but you cannot currently. She remains your friend and stays with you until the morning. You can still hook up with her at the longhouse if you want, but Sigurd will find out. Again, you will be able to sleep with her guilt free later.

I care for you as a friend
You tell her you are honored by her feelings, but you value her as a friend. Randvi apologizes and you say this will stay a secret between you two. You both stay and look into the distance for awhile before falling asleep. This is you saying you are not interested in Randvi. You can still talk to her later and hook up, but you are rejecting her for now.

Blacksmith Chat Choice
During the main story you will have to talk with a blacksmith for some info.

I’m the one asking questions
You threaten the blacksmith and have to fight him for the info. After you kill him, you will get the item needed to find out where The Leech is.

I’m a friend (Charm 2)
If you have high enough charm you can convince him that you are a friend of The Leech. You get the details and the kill the Blacksmith anyways.

I’m a member of The Order
If you tell him you are part of The Order, you will need to convince him. You will get three more choices.

Never compromise The Order
He calls your bluff and attacks, you get the info off his body and the note on his table.

The Order is eternal
He calls your bluff and attacks, you get the info off his body and the note on his table.

Father of Understanding guide us
The blacksmith will believe you if you use this one. He will give you the info for The Leech and you won’t have to kill the smith.

Keep Or Burn The Book Choice
After dealing with The Leech, you will get the option to burn or keep the book.

Burn it
You burn the book, but so far there has been no benefits or repercussions for doing so.

Keep it
You keep the book because it has a bunch of heals for ails. You can’t bring back the dead, but you can use the book to help save more. It doesn’t do anything, but you can put it in your room at the end of your bed.

The Compass Attack Choice
After freeing Stowe and Erke form the church, you need to find out how to get The Compass.

Springalds with Stowe
You want the Springalds on your side, so you and Stowe climb up to the Ramparts. You follow Stowe to some ballistas you can use to attack the boats, making your path to the Compass easier.

Flanking with Erke
You follow Erke and flank the enemies. you can do alot of damage this way, but you still have to cross the boats and get to the Compass.

Go alone
You make your own path and go for the compass while the other two do their own thing. Either way the target is the same, kill the Compass.

Arguing With Sigurd Choice
After a fight with some enemies at a church, you and Sigurd get into a fight over what is going on.

We have a pact
You say you will not betray your allies. Sigurd says that is not for you to decide, and you disagree. Basim jumps in and has something to say about it.

Sigurd you are a coward
You call Sigurd out for breaking his promises. Sigurd reminds you that he is your Jarl and you answer to him. Basim then chimes in and you have the option to take a breath or to punch him.

Take a breath
You tell Basim that you should be keeping your oaths. You know where the stone is, take the castle and steal it.

Punch Basim
This is one of those potential end game changers. Doing this will upset Sigurd and increase the likelihood he will leave to Norway instead of fighting by your side at the end. You punch Basim and Basim says it is clear why Sigurd is in charge, you have too much of a temper. You then get a choice to say enough of this, or to punch Sigurd.

Enough of this
You tell Sigurd you have a promise to keep and the two of you separate for now.

Punch Sigurd
Oddly enough, punching Sigurd doesn’t actually hurt your ending. Sigurd says you move with Odin’s wrath, but not his wisdom. The two of your separate for now.

Lady Eadwyn Choice
After taking her castle, you have two choices for Lady Eadwyn.

Let her be exiled
You tell them to heal her wounds, give her some clothes, and send her on her way. She is exiled without name or rank from Mercia. She swears vengeance and is taken away. Geadric will still give you his alliance but Lady Eadwyn will be gone.

Let Geadric look after her
Eivor says Geadric will take care of her and treat her with care, as she fought with honor and pride. She is arrested and removed. You will gain you alliance with Geadric.

Decide Who Gets The Silver Choice
You need to choose who gets the silver.

Ynyr AP Cadfarch
You give Ynyr the silver, he says he will lend a word to the king to come to peace. Long story short, crap hits the fan before he actually says anything to the king. You do not get the silver back from him.

You can pay Gwriad to betray his brother and overthrows him as king. You give him the silver and he agrees to be your ally. He doesn’t make it out of this room, so he won’t be king. You do get to loot the silver back off his body though.

She mentions her husband’s kingdom is bankrupt and the sliver would go a long way to making peace. She will thank you and later give you a Briton Cloak Brooch for helping her kingdom out. The Brooch only sells for 38, so if you are in it to the silver, give it to Gwriad.

Ivarr Was Right Choice
You need to choose who gets the silver.

Ivarr was right
You basically side with Ivarr in this instance, but you still have to bring the king back for peace talks.

Ivarr was wrong
You threaten Ivarr and tell him you will send him back limbless if he does something like that again. Ivarr says that he is glad you are finally speaking your truth. Then you guys devise a plan to bring the king back to peace talks.

It doesn’t matter
You say it doesn’t matter now, peace is off the table as it stands. Then you all decide on a plan to force the king back to peace talks.

Stealth Or All Out Attack Choice
When you find Ivarr, you will have a choice to make.

You sneak in and try to set the hamlets on fire alone. You can do it, but if you get caught your allies will jump in to the fight.

All out attack
You say blood kindling it is, and the three of your rush the village.

What Happened To Ceolbert Choice
When you return to camp, Ivarr demands to know what happens.

It was the Britons
You hand Ivarr the blade and tell him the Britons did this. All paths lead to the same outcome though, killing the King.

This means war
You say the war is back on and show Ivarr the dagger. You guys set up camp and attack the king at his keep.

We failed Ceolbert
You say we were fools to let Ceolbert go on his own then show Ivarr the Britton dagger. You both agree its time to kill the king.

King Rhodri Choice
After the battle with King Rhodri, you get some choices as to what to do with him.

Let him go
You tell Ivarr he has won, let the king go and he will be humilated. Ivarr says no and that he already has a plan for the king.

He is dying
You tell Ivarr that the king is already dying, just let fate take its course. Ivarr has plans though, so the king will die as he sees fit.

Finish him quickly
You tell Ivarr to kill him and be done with it, but Ivarr has something else in mind.

Send Ivarr To Vahlla Or Deny Ivarr Choice
After you battle with Ivarr, you will have a choice to make.

Send Ivarr to Valhalla
You place the axe on his chest as he claims he can hear the wings of the Valkyrie. He dies.

Deny Ivarr Valhalla
You kick his axe away and tell Ivarr to go to Helheim. He dies. Ubba will find out eventually, and he will not be happy with this choice. Then you and Ubba have to fight fist to fist. After you beat him, he will say the next time you meet it will be as friends.

Did Ivarr Die Well Choice
Ubba will want to know if his brother died well.

Ivarr died well
You tell Ubba he died a fighter, and in glory. Ubba says peace can reign now that Ivarr is gone and he will meet his brother in Valhalla.

Ivarr died badly
You tell him he died defending a lie, it was not a good death. Ubba says he knows his brother was rough, but he was still his brother. Ubba says he will meet his brother again in Valhalla.

He wanted death
You tell Ubba that his brother wanted a bloody and glorious death, and that you gave it to him. Ubba thanks you and mentions he will meet his brother again in Valhalla.

Dag Join You Or Do As You Please Choice

You must join
You yell him Sigurd’s life is as stake and her must join. You ask him why he won’t raise and axe to help his jarl. He says you go save him and walks off.

Do as you please
You tell him to stay if he wants, but he won’t be placed high on the raider list if he stays. You then say you won’t raise an axe to save your Jarl? Dag says go do it yourself and walks off.

Shergar Take Or Do What You Want Choice

We will take him with us
You bring Shergar with you, he claims he can get the guards to leave their posts so you can free Danes. He does his part, and makes the guards leave, allowing you to free the Danes easily.

Do what you want
You send him off with the Abbot and the Abbot says Shergar will be taking a vow of silence.

Fight Dag Choice
Dag will challenge you to a fight and you get some choices. Those choices don’t matter, you have to fight him. You do however have to choose if you send him to Valhalla or not.

Send Dag to Valhlla
You give Dag his axe and he dies. This is a choice Sigurd will like later on.

Deny Dag Valhalla
You tell Dag he gave no quarter in life, and will receive none in death. This is a choice that Sigurd will hate later in the game. It might be enough for him to leave back to Norway, depending on your previous choices.

King Aelfreds Men Choice
In Essex you will get some choices involving King Aelfred’s men. The best option seems to be the third choice in all choices below.

Send his men back
You tell him to send Aelfred’s men back in shrouds. Birstan says we should challenge the kings right to rule. Bad choice.

They will soon grow bored
You tell them Aelfred will grow bored and his men will leave sooner or later. Birstan says they came for someone kidnapping and will be leaving soon.

Full grown in strength
You tell Birstan to weather the storm, and you will be stronger for it.

The next choice has to do with a festival.

Wine and song is the answer
Drink and be merry is your suggestion. Birstan says we deserve a feast with winter approaching.

You should contribute
Birstan will tell the fat man if he is so worried he can contribute to the festival. Bad choice.

Nor fasting
Birstan will say it is for the loaf, to bless this place and bring good fortune.

Lastly, a man will talk about the fighters.

Keep your men here
You tell them to keep their men here in the fields while Aelfred’s men die in a war against the Norse. The guys at the table do not like that.

Fields mean nothing
You tell them the fields are pointless if your land isn’t defended. Birstan says the Danes can be a great threat and we need our men ready.

Beware of sleep
Birstan will not understand what you mean. To be honest, I didn’t either. Then guys at the table are satisfied with the answers though.

The Shiremoot Choice
Up in Lincolnshire you will have the decided vote or who is to be the next Ealdorman.

You are worried that Aelfgar might not be a good ally, but he does have a lot of resources and experience. The Bishop then calls in warriors to attack the Moot and you find out he is a member of the Order. Hunwald is a little upset, but agrees to help Aelfgar with stopping the bishop. After the story of the are wraps up, Aelfgar will say you have him as an ally.

Hunwald isn’t that experienced but he does have a good heart. You can pick him if you are fond of him, but the next part is the same as it would be with Aelfgar. The Bishop has a squad of warriors come attack. If you don’t choose Hunwald to be Ealdorman he will go join your settlement with his Swan woman.

Bishop Herefrith
The Bishop is a member of the Order, not a good idea to make him the boss.

Who Is The Vault Choice
There are multiple choices here but only one answer. Talk to all the council members and Hjorr and then pick Audun as The Vault. He will poison some people and a cut scene will reveal that he is The Vault. Kill him and move on.

Silver For Merchants Or Halfdans War Choice
After catching The Vault, you have to decide what to do with the Silver found below Jorvik.

Give it to the merchants
The merchants were robbed of their wares and the silver can be given to help them out. I ran around the city and didn’t notice anything change. I didn’t get a discount or any extra items at the merchants either.

Fund Halfdan’s War
Halfdan needs money to fight the Picts and this will go a long way. Again, I didn’t notice any major difference after picking this choice so I don’t think it actually matters. Halfdan will mention later that he thinks the money should have gone to a better cause then fighting the Picts, but what done is done.

Fulkes Champion Choice
After beating Fulke’s Champion, you have a choice.

With pleasure(kill)
You kill the champion then and there.

Send a message to Fulke
You tell him to tell Fulke they are coming and they will kill her. No idea if he sends the message or not, but you have to face him again in the keep if you let him live here.

Listen Or Do Not Speak To Me That Way Choice
After beating Fulke’s Champion, you have a choice.

I will listen
Guthrum explains how you can get your Jarl back, but he still leaves.

Do not speak to me that way
You say you are not a child who will be spoken down to. Guthram talks sense and then leaves you to plan. You will then wait for your allies to fully arrive.

Attacking The Saxons Or Stowe Speaks With Them Choice
When you meet up with the rest of your crew, you will get some options on how to deal with the Saxon problem. Some of these options will be dependent on who your current allies are.

Try it your way Stowe
Stowe gives a rousing speech to the men. He tries to convince them to leave and says he will employee them himself in Lunden. He doesn’t convince all of them to leave, but some take the out

Ljufvina is right
You guys rush the camp and attack. Stowe isn’t the biggest fan of this, but he joins in regardless.

I will go alone
You sneak in and deal with the problem yourself. If you get caught, the crew will come in to help.

Faravid Camp Choice
After getting to Faravid’s camp, he will ask you if his Jarl is suspicious of him.

He doubts you
You tell Faravid that Halfdan doubts his loyalty. Faravid does not take kindly to this and decdies to kill some Picts.

I am here to fight
You say you are here to help battle the Picts, nothing more. Faravid believes you at this point.

You doubt me?
You ask if he questions your word, and Faravid says you never gave it. You then say you are here to fight Picts, nothing more.

Spoils From The Pict Camp Choice
After you take out the Pict camp, you have some choices to make about the spoils.

You agree with Faravid, but Ulf says no and you guys drink the wine anyways.

I insist we drink
You threaten him that you won’t ask him twice and you all drink some wine.

What’s wrong?
You say he won’t miss one missing cask and you guys drink.

Keep Faravids Secret Choice
After drinking Faravid has a secret. Any choice here still has you helping Faravid with his attack.

Your secret is safe
You say you will fight by Faravid’s side and not tell Halfdan of the secret.

I cannot hide this
You tell Faravid you will fight with him but if Halfdan asks, you will tell him.

Let the gods decide
You say the All Father sees all. Faravid says we don’t have to worry about Odin, just Halfdan.

Faravid Is Planning An Attack Or Faravid Is Honroable Choice
These choices might change depending on your choices above.

Faravid is planning an attack
You tell Halfdan that Faravid is planning an attack against the Picts. Halfdan does not like this, but he only tells you to go watch Faravid and see what he is up too. He will also ask you to watch Moira after you convince him it could be here.

Faravid is honorable
You say you fought by Faravid’s side and he is honorable. He then tells you to spy on Faravid again and to go check out Moira as well.

Traitors Must Suffer Or No Punishment Choice
When you run into Ulf again.

Traitors must suffer
Ulf and his men will attack you.

They do no deserve punishment
Halfdan will say they are lucky you have their back, he will forget this day if they return the treasure. Ulf says no, and Ulf gets his head caved in.

Halfdan Knows Or Halfdan Does Not Know Choice
These choices might change depending on your choices above.

Halfdan knows
You tell Ricsige that Halfdan knows about the attack. Ricsige doesn’t care, he needs direct orders from Halfdan so you have to forge the orders.

Halfdan does not know
You tell Ricsige that Halfdan does not know about the fight. Faravid tells Ricsige that you are mistaken and Ricsige does not join in on the attack on the Picts. You then have to go the extra mile to forge fake orders from Halfdan so Ricsige will lend you troops.

Halfdan Or Faravid Choice
It was always going to come down to this. Halfdan has been poisoned by lead and now he believes Faravid did it on purpose.

You are insane Halfdan
You tell Halfdan to stop and Halfdan thinks you too are a traitor. Halfdan loses his mind for a moment and tosses his hammer into the crowd. Faravid says he will not follow a king that thinks he is a traitor.

Stand down Faravid
You fight Faravid, at the end Halfdan steps in and kills Faravid. Halfdan is happy you backed his play.

Gudrun And Holger Choice
When you return home you will have another choice between Gudrun and Holger.

Gundrun Is Right
Choice doesn’t matter, Sigurd appears to make judgement.

Holger Is Right
Choice doesn’t matter, Sigurd appears to make judgement.

Sigurds Judgement Choice
You can side with Sigurd or say his judgement is unfair. This is one of the choices Sigurd will take into consideration later in the game.

The Judgement is unfair
You tell Sigurd that this punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Sigurd says he is the definition of what is right and what is not. This will count against Sigurd staying in England with you.

I support Sigurd’s Judgement
You say Sigurd is our Jarl and you support him. Holger apologizes for defying the Jarl and walks away. Sigurd will be happy with this choice when decided to leave to Norway or to stay in England.

Druid Riddle Choice
After searching around the Druid’s house, you will then be able to answer his riddles. Use your Odin vision to find all of the clues. The only choices you will have are the right ones if you found the clues.

What Will You Do With Cynon Choice

I’ll kill him
You say you are going to gut him, this is what he deserves. Modron tells you he isn’t weak, don’t let him beat you.

I’ll expose him
You say you will reveal his sins and let the people decide if he lives or dies.

I have to go
Modron says if you are resolute, then ride and do as you see fit.

Confronting Cynon Choice

Prepare to die
You kill Cynon right then and there. You will then have to find Modron and do an annoying boss fight with her.

You’ll die in the wicker man
You leave Cynon for now, knowing the festival ends with him burning alive.

Confronting Modron Choice
Either way you get another ally.

Kill Modron
You kill Modron and her daughter walks in just in time to watch you kill her. Tewdwr then awakes confused and asks what happened? You explain it to him and tell him you killed both of them. Tewdwr says he will take care of the girl since she is innocent, but the girl says she won’t join the church. She oversees the festival with Tewdwr and says she will not hold a grudge, because your future will punish you enough.

Spare Modron
When you spare Modron her daughter comes in and they embrace. Tewdwr awakens, unharmed, but confused. Cynon goes ahead as the Harvest King and all seems well in the end.

How Did My Brother Die Choice
Halfdan will ask you how Ivarr died and you have a choice to mark.

Ivarr died a warrior
You tell him he died with his axe in his hand. Halfdan will say he is glad, and ask you to light the fire at the top of the tower. Halfdan will later say thank you and tell you that you are always welcome in his hall.

Your brother died a coward
You tell him what Ivarr did and you tell Halfdan you killed him. Halfdan says that if Ivarr did that, he indeed deserved death. Halfdan will later say thank you and tell you that you are always welcome in his hall.

Shield Etching Choice
You will eventually have to pick a symbol to be etched on a shield for the dead Jarl. This is purely flavor, pick each one and see which one sounds good to you.

Trygve Burning Himself Alive Choice
Trygve wishes to follow his Jarl into the after life by being burned along side him.

Snottingham cannot lose another
Letting people burn themselves alive is rarely a good idea. You tell him that the Shire will be diminished without him. You convince him that he can better serve his Jarl in life.

Do as you must Trygve
There is really no world that this is the right call. Still if you want to see the man burn himself alive you can do that. This does prevent you from having a say in who the next Jarl is however. Mostly because one of the two options is now dead. This will also cause people to question Vili.

Who Will Be Jarl Choice
Assuming you didn’t let Trygve burn himself, you can choose if Vili should be Jarl or not.

I see a Jarl in you
You tell him you see him as a Jarl. You tell him to take his father’s seat and make it his own. Vili will become Jarl and your ally, but he won’t join your crew.

I see Trygve as Jarl
You tell him you see a Drengr before you and you would love for him to join you on your adventures. You tell him to let Trygve to be Jarl and ask him to join your clan. The people are happy, Tyrgve is happy, and Vili is happy. You still get your alliance.

Return Home With Me Sigurd Choice
This will depend on what choices you made to make Sigurd mad. If you have done three things to make him mad, you still get one chance to have him join you in England. If you’ve done more than three, he will stay in Norway.

Return home with me
You tell him his place is in England, it is him home now. You want him to face foes and find greater glories together. He is reluctant, but he will join you in England to council you from time to time.

I understand your anger
You tell him you understand, but he shouldn’t abandon what he has done in England. You tell him to come back and show you how best to lead. He says there are too many ugly memories back in England, he will not be coming back.

Your place is here
You tell him to remain in Norway, this is where he belongs.

Asgard Mission Choices

Dwarf Blacksmith Choice

My gratitude
You say you will have my thanks and hospitality, what more do you want? You tell him he can return to the land of fire if he wishes, and die there like his brothers.

Your freedom
You tell him if you make good on his claim, he will be free. The dwarf doesn’t trust you, but you confirm that if the chain is built he will be free of his charge.

Freyja Is Mad About The Marriage Choice

I value my queen
You tell her she is the Queen or Asgard and that you care about her. You then apologize and you have to go have a word the builder.

No need for concern
You say it does not worry me, he will not live beyond the wedding night. Freyja says she will nueter you and make you the builder’s bride if you don’t stop this.

There will be no marriage
You tell her there will be no marriage today. Freyja is still mad and you apologize for your mistake.

Suttungr Speech Choice
Here you will speak with the Jotun and you have to make three different choices. The better you do, the more the giants will drink.

I am a mighty warrior
You announce yourself as a mighty warrior and the Jotun cheer and drink to this.

I am a weaver of great tales
Suttungr tells you that the Jotun prefer deeds to tale tales.

I am a Jotnar slayer
You tell them you are a dreaded hunter of their kind, Suttur lets you know that you tread on dangerous ground.

The next set of choices.

We are all friends here
You tell them they are all your brothers and sisters to you. Suttungr says that the Jotun do not trust easily.

I respect you
You tell them that you respect them, despite being enemies. They cheer and drink.

I stand humble
You tell them that you stand in awe of their presence, which is a sign of weakness and they boo.

Third set of choices.

Let me praise Suttungr
You toast to Suttungr and the Jotun cheer back. Suttungr says they do not love him as much as they love feasting.

Let me sing you a song
You offer to sign for the group and they boo you.

Let us just get to drinking
You tell them why bother talking, let’s just drink. They all cheer and start drinking.

Gunlodr Riddle Choice
Gunlodr will give you three riddles to solve.

Riddle 1 – Ale
Riddle 2 – Hammer
Riddle 3 – Swans and Eggs

Gunlodr Mead Choice
When you try to get the Mead, Gunlodr will ask you what you are doing here.

I came to bring you a gift
You will need to have done the quest to get the circlet in order to get this option. She is pretty embarrassed about it all, but you sleep with her and get the mead without a fight.

I had to see you
She says you are teasing her and calls the guards to fight you.

Out of the way
She calls the guards and you have to fight.

Side Mission Choices

Hysing The World Wise Choice
At the end of this mystery, you have a choice to like to Hysing or to tell him to wake from his dream.

His son is happy that his father will eat and Hysin seems happy. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

Wake from your dream
You tell him he walks a dream, and is time to wake. He thinks that Alfred has sold you out to the Picts and he denounces him as king. Djon is happy about the ending, he knew it wouldn’t be easy but it had to happen.

The Tiny Island King Choice
At the end of this mystery, you have a choice to like to Hysing or to tell him to wake from his dream.

I will be your first ally
You say you are honored to make an Alliance with him as king. He will say if he gets an army, you can make use of it. I will update later if this actually comes through or not.

Your story doesn’t add up
You tell him you cannot trust a man who lost his brothers so easily. He is offended by this and will fight you to the death.

The Barley Dispute Choice
Two dudes will be fighting over who gets more profit from the gain sale.

Share it equally
The one who sells it disagrees and they keep fighting. You can convince them to duel and then burn the silo to end the quest. They actually seemed happy about the silo exploding and their house burning down. Make sure you watch part of the duel so the kids and everyone get out of the house before you burn down the silo.

Whoever breaks their back
The salesman one says you are foolish, but the laborer agrees. Talk to the laborer farmer and tell him to duel his brother. This will lure everyone out of the houses and you can burn down the silo with a torch.

He who seeks the deal
Same with the Laborer choice but you side with the salesman. Burn the silo after triggering the duel.

I don’t care
One of the brothers says if you knew the whole story you’d side with me. Speak to the farmer again and you can have him duel his brother.

Is Father Coming Back Choice
One of the side quests will have you talking with a child about her father returning home.

Your father will return
You say her father sounds like an honest man, he will return. You then tell her that she should live like he is returning tomorrow and get to work. She agrees but wants to watch the leaf a little while longer. This option makes her prepared in case he doesn’t return. To complete the quest you need to strike the tree and have the leaf fall.

I don’t think he’s coming back
You tell her that six weeks is far too long, he probably isn’t coming back. She won’t agree and says that he will come back. She will sit there and wait forever if you don’t hit the tree and knock down the leaf. If you do, she will say she never wants to see you again.

You need to move on
You tell her that the only thing you know, is that the leaf will eventually fall. You tell her she needs to prepare for the fact he might not come back. She will still wait a little while and watch the leaf, but she isn’t waiting for him to return. To complete the quest you need to strike the tree and have the leaf fall.

Where To Bring The Blood Seer Choice
One of the missions has you deciding where you want to bring an injured Seer. The Seer wants to go to stone but you can also bring her to the farmer.

Bring Seer to stone
You can bring her to the stone and let her complete her ritual. She will thank you and if you return in a few days she is on her bed sick, looking bad. Her fields have not improved through the ritual.

Bring Seer to farmer
The seer will have over her Blood Mean to the farmer so she can bless her farm. The farmer will ask you to return in a few days to see her crops. I’m not sure if it bugged or not, I returned to the farmer and she didn’t even talk to me.

Are You At Peace Choice
You will find a nun down below a crypt here and she will ask you the question.

I can
You say that you accept your place in life. The sister says she will pray for you.

I cannot
You say I cannot say I am at peace, because your life is a violent one. She says she will pray for you.

Come outside (Charm 2)
This is how you beat the quest. She is happy that you convinced her to leave that cellar.

Accept The Ring Or You Keep The Ring Choice
As you roam around Oxenford, you will run into an old man on a farm. Help him out and he will tell you a story about how he met his wife. He will then offer you a ring since he thinks you are his daughter.

I accept the ring
You take the ring and tell him that it will remind you of mother, always. The mother is dead, Rose is dead, and the old man is on his way out. You helped him out so don’t feel bad about taking the ring. The ring sells for 41 silver.

You should keep the ring
You tell him to keep it, so he can remember mother. The old man tells you that you are sweet, he will hand it over when the time is right.

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