Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Flyting Answers Guide

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Flyting Guide
Want to know the best responses to the Flyting challenges in AC Valhalla? This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Flyting Answers Guide provides the location and details of each Flyting encounter we’ve discovered in the game, giving you the answers so you can develop a reputation as a Viking with rhyming attitude.

When you are exploring the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will encounter a number of unique and entertaining events. One such event is Flyting, an old-school, Viking style rap battle of words as you attempt to outwit and embarrass your opponent through words alone. Flyting battles are marked on your map by a jester-like mask icon. Below is a list of all of the different Flyting battle locations as well as the best answers for each one, allowing you to easily increase your Charisma and earn some Silver along the way.

Be sure to bet the biggest amount for the biggest gains. All answers given are enough to win the duel and earn the Charisma points.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Flyting Answers Guide

Manning Fighter Of Wolves (Rygjafylke)
Manning Fighter Of Wolves (Rygjafylke)

Answer 1: What you make up in muscles, you’re lacking in spine
Answer 2: They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare
Answer 3: No, you’re quite like your arms: just incredibly thick

Alvis (Rygjafylke)
Alvis (Rygjafylke)
He is in the main town here but it’s not marked by the Charisma icon, it’s a speech bubble. It’s on your compass.

Answer 1: I recall what you taught, ere I enter the fray
Answer 2: Then I’ll tell you you’ve nothing inside of your skull
Answer 3: I will flyt you with flourish and best you with flair

Faceless / Anglo Saxon Woman (Grantebridgescire)
Anglo Saxon Woman (Grantebridgescire)
After you take back Grantebridgescire in the story, a Fyter will appear in the town.

Answer 1: But your rhythm is clumsy, you’ll never outpace me
Answer 2: Says the flyter who hides in a hole like a rat
Answer 3: You’re not a talented flyter, Fergal.

Jungulf (Ledecestrescire)
You can find this Flyting battle inside the main town at this location.

Answer 1: O, to beat such a braggert will surely be fun
Answer 2: You’re a weakling, a milksop, a cadger, a louse
Answer 3: Your pride is appalling, and your rhyming is worse

Chadwick Monger Of Gossip (East Anglia)
Chadwick Monger Of Gossip
You can find this Flyting Battle in East Anglia, in the town of Northwic.

Answer 1: Then you’re speaking to fools, and their knowledge is flawed
Answer 2: And they’re sorely mistaken, I’m known for my might
Answer 3: Then you’ve clearly misheard them, my wit is immense

Augusta The Cheerful (Lunden)
Augusta The Cheerful
This Flyting Battle can be found near the Fast Travel point in the South West corner of Lunden

Answer 1: You’re the picture of elegance, beauty and grace
Answer 2: O, your valor’s the subject of story and song
Answer 3: It is truly a pleasure, my partners sublime

Hogg The Burly (Oxenefordscire)
Hogg The Burly (Oxenefordscire)
This Flyting battle can be found in the town of Oxeneforda in Oxenefordscire.

Answer 1: O, you’re barely an insect, a fly that I’ll swat
Answer 2: You’re possessed of a baldness that’s scared off your hair
Answer 3: You’ve the brain of a donkey, to challenge a Norse

Ove The Scarred (Sciropescire)
Ove The Scarred
The next Flyting battle is located in Sciropescire, in a small camp near Quatford.

Answer 1: And your thick little skull’s fit for grinding my axe on
Answer 2: Test your might against mine and we’ll see how you do
Answer 3: If it’s fighting you want, I shall take you on now

Hertha The Very High (Jorvik)
Hertha The Very High (Jorvik)
This Flyting battle is in Jorvik, speak to a man hiding in a barrel at this location.

Answer 1: The one fool that I see here is up on that wall
Answer 2: Then enjoy it while you can, a great fall is at hand
Answer 3: What’s it like feigning hugeness? You’re naught but a gnome

Borghild The Aleswifes Bane (Eurvicscire)
Borghild The Aleswifes Bane (Eurvicscire)
You can find this Flyting battle in Eurvicscire, in a small town called Picheringa.

Answer 1: Your face brings to mind the arse-end of a horse
Answer 2: Now to look upon you leaves both my eyes in great pain
Answer 3: You’ve drunk far too much ale, now, you’re just telling lies

Stigr The Amorous (Snotinghamscire)
Stigr The Amorous (Snotinghamscire)
You can find this flyter in Hemthorpe in Snotinghamscire

Answer 1: Yes, with words I’ll ensnare you and put you to bed
Answer 2: I’m as good with my lips as I am with my tongue
Answer 3: While I doubt you can take me, I’ll give you a go

Lady Ellette (Essexe)
Lady Ellette (Essexe)
You can find this Flyting combatant in Colcestre in Essexe.

Answer 1: For they put all who hear them to sleep
Answer 2: I’ll defeat you and banish all doubt
Answer 3: Lend a salve, for your words make me ill

Acolyte Alwin (Cent)
Acolyte Alwin (Cent)
You can find this Flyter in Canterbury, the main hub of Cent

Answer 1: Though you speak through another, your flyting is poor
Answer 2: You’re a simpleton and a fool, and you should never be proud
Answer 3: With such drivel to speak, I see why you keep mum

Fenn The Wistful (Hamtunscire)
Fenn The Wistful (Hamtunscire)
You can find this Flyter at this location in Hamtunscire, just North of the nearby city.

Answer 1: Well, perhaps they should have known not to challenge me then
Answer 2: It is not mine to judge, only fill up the graves
Answer 3: To ensure I’ll sit in Valhalla one day

Spoilers (Spoiler)
Thor (Asgard)
You can find Thor here, in Asgard.

Answer 1: O beware what you ask for, I’ll finish the fight
Answer 2: I’m as wise as an owl, you’re a fool of a god
Answer 3: Well, your victories not what my visions portend

Spoilers (Spoiler)
Spoilers (Spoiler)
Your final Flyting battle can be found in Jotunheim, you need to complete the Asgard storyline before you can access this location.

Answer 1: I should like to see you try
Answer 2: They’re too dull to conquer me
Answer 3: I’m not the sorry victim you seek – I grow weary of your squeak

That’s every Flyting battle and all the answers to reach level 6 Charisma.

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