Baldur’s Gate 3 Choices & Consequences Guide

Baldur's Gate 3 Choices & Consequences Guide
Baldur’s Gate 3 features many paths, many options, but each come with a consequence. In this Baldur’s Gate 3 Choices & Consequences Guide we list many of the major choices that you can make throughout your adventure in the game, as well as detailing the consequences that can occur later down the line.

Many interactions in Baldur’s Gate 3 will give you a choice, however, more often than not the outcome is obvious. For example, you’re given a Strength or Dexterity choice to pull a brain out of a corpse. The choice there is how to remove the brain, whether or not you can is down to a dice roll. For other choices, ones that are actually more choice-based, like whether to remove the brain or not, we’ll cover those below.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Choices & Consequences Guide – Prologue

Remove The Brain Or Destroy The Brain
In the second room aboard the vessel in the Prologue you can here a voice saying “We are here”. If you interact with the Neural Apparatus, it will transport you to the upper level where you see a human body with the brain revealed.

If You Remove The Brain
If you pass the Skill Check to remove the brain, you get another choice. To mutilate the brain or spare the creature. If you spare the creature it falls to the floor and sprouts legs and spikes. If you mutilate the brain, you interfere with it somehow but the creature does not seem to notice. It joins your party as a Companion.

If You Destroy The Brain
If you choose this option you destroy the brain and the human host dies.

Mind Flayer Pod - Rescue The Trapped Woman
There’s not really an obvious choice here but there is a choice nonetheless. If you do not interact with the pod in any way, it will have a negative impact on a relationship with a character a short while into the game (she becomes a companion). If you interact with the pod and try to rescue the trapper survivor, she will remember it later.

Chapter 1 Choices & Consequences Guide

Meeting Astarion
There are a few choices in this conversation. If you choose to try and kill the brain bug he claims to have seen, he will ambush you with a knife. The same happens if you tell him to kill it himself. However, if you choose to make him do it you can immediately attempt to escape the knife with a dexterity or strength roll. From there it’s just an introduction to Astarion who becomes a companion.
Survivors Digging Up The Mind Flayer
At the beginning of this conversation you can try to Persuade them to see through the Mind Flayer’s mind control. If you are successful, they will eventually flee. If you fail with the Persuasion check, they will attack you.

You can then interact with the Mind Flayer. The first choice results in the same outcome, you can either break free of the mind control of concentrate on its thoughts. If you try to break free, you can kill it. If you concentrate on its thoughts and succeed you can then submit to the feeling or use Wisdom to resist. If you submit, the Mind Flayer consumes your brain and you die and will have to fight the Mind Flayer. He will kill you all.

Let Nettie Prick You
When you arrive at Nettie the healer she takes you into the back room and offers a cure via a poke with a stick. The stick is actually coated in a deadly poison. If you let her poke you with it, you will have to kill her, knock her out, or steal the antidote from her before you’re able to leave the room. If you dodge the stick and convince her you are not showing symptoms, you can leave when you wish.
Dealing With The Owlbear - Kill It Or Let It Live
During your travels you will eventually encounter the Owlbear nest. There are multiple ways to tackle this situation. If you approach the Owlbear too closely, combat will initiate and you will have to fight it. If you stand relatively close and don’t move, allowing the Owlbear to see you, a conversation begins.

The best way to solve this is to use Wyll and the Speak With Animals Invocation. It makes the conversation easier but the outcome is one of two things. You kill it or you leave. If you convince the Owlbear to let you go, you can simply leave the cave. If you kill the Owlbear and leave the cub alive, you have the choice to kill the cub or let it go.

If you kill it, it dies. If you let it live, you get to watch it begin eating it’s mother. Make sure to take the Spear Head off the Owlbear corpse. And loot the egg and other valuables from its nest. You should have the Shaft of a Broken Spear from the body of True Soul Edowin just to the East of the cave. Combine them both in your inventory to get a blue spear, it’s very strong.

The Old Lady & Two Brothers
You can decide to help the old lady or the two brothers here. The old lady is some sort of witch, she is willing to help you remove the parasite in exchange for your eye, but it seems like a very sketchy deal to say the least.

If you choose calm down
This is the only way to avoid killing the brothers. Then you say “Tell the truth”. The old lady seems upset with you and vanishes. Then you have a quest to save the sister. After choosing calm down, the other options have the same outcome.

Lower Your Weapons
This results in you having to kill the brothers

Nothing To Do With Me
The old woman kills both the bothers and flees

There are a lot of choices and consequences throughout the game so we’re still working through a lot of them. Check back soon for updates.

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