Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum Walkthrough

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum Walkthrough

Most of the side quests in Batman Arkham City have to do with certain bad guys from the series. This one is clearly the Riddler. This guide will help you finish all his riddles in no time. Let’s do it. Once you start the quest the Riddler will tel you to solve his riddles in order to save the doctors. I will list each riddle then tell you where to find the item.

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 1 – “I am an instrument whose music always comes from the heart. What am I?” In the back of the room is a pipe organ. Scan it and you will solve the first riddle.

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 2 – “He told me to tell you something. He was very, very specific. It’s just some numbers: 2-7-5, 3-2-5. I have no idea what they mean.” Get your frequency around that then hold the button to encrypt it.

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 3 – “If you know me, you’ll want to share me but if you share me, I’ll be gone. What am I?” The answer to this one is secret and you have to turn each wheel to spell it out.

Once you get to the next hostage you will have to break down the wall with the ? on it. Go inside the door and the next one will be locked. Turn around look up and throw a Batarang at the switch at up there to open the next door and you will be in a room with a hostage.

In order to make yourself a path you will have to hit certain ? that are lit on one the wall. There are three in all. Use detective mode if you are having trouble finding them. One of them always lifts up the lift so you only have to use two to clear yourself a path. Do so and take the lift up and glide to the doctor. Free him and he will give you a frequency that you need to put in.

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 4 – The more there is, the less you see. What could I be? Spin the thing and spell out darkness. After that you will be contacted by the Riddler. Her will give you the location of the next hostage. Head there.

Once there step on the ? switch and the game will start. He wants you to use your eyes but he cheats so use your vision to follow the victim. Once it stops check to see where he is and Batarang the switch below him to free him. I lost my first time because he moved him as I threw my Batarang so be careful.

After that you get another number sequence. Find the frequency to move on.

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 5 – “I have a head , a tail, but never any legs. Do you know what I am?” The answer is Penny. Use the machine to make it.

Once you get the marker for the next hostage go there and go in. Riddler will say something like you can’t use your gadgets to outsmart me. Line gun across the water gap first. From there look up and use the electric gun to move a plug in front of the various water sources to hit the question marks. After that look left to see a death trap if you walk through it. Use the line gun and about halfway through stop the gun and take a left with it. Once in the room with three generators you need to shoot them until a box appears. Then get the box on to the floor and get it to the
? pad on the ground. After that you can talk to the hostage and get the next frequency.

Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide 6 – After that then the enigma machinations will put another riddle, I am your feet in the midday sun the answer is shadow.. and then you rescue the hostages bit you have a time limit. (Thanks JC I’ll write a more in depth guide once I get to this riddle)

At this point I didn’t find enough of the Riddler’s thing to proceed so I will update it as I find more.

That will end the Batman Arkham City Enigma Conundrum guide. Check back soon for updates!

  • tim

    how do you bring up the enigma machine when select doesnt simply work? on ps3 btw. when i was suppose to use it i walked out the door rendering me from simply pressing select to bring up the enigma machine

    • Hmmm never had that problem um I would try to re enter the frequency and see if it pops up again. Use that one gadget that you can listen to radio waves on.

    • juan

      you have to collect riddle trophies and challenges within the main story game in order to bring up the option to use the enigma machine the more you collect the more you will be able to save more hostages, and dont worry even if you beat the game you can still continue on.

      • U must get all the cameras,demons,balloons,trophy’s,breakables etc.

    • Same happened to me just go solve more riddles all u have to do is scan them at the locations on ur map trust me it will work
      The enigma machine will come back

  • jc

    After that then the enigma machinations will put another riddle, I am your feet in the midday sun the answer is shadow.. and then you rescue the hostages bit you have a time limit

  • Mnemonic

    I’ve tried the above (re-checking the radio), but all I get is “Is someone trying to locate a hostage before they’ve found enough of my secrets? I hope not…”, and can’t go any further. Do you have to get a set number of Riddler Trophies before you can proceed???

    • Yeah I don’t know the exact number but I had to find quite a bit before I could solve my next ones.

  • Very helpful, thanks so much!

  • Chris

    I completed all the riddler challenges and rescued the last hostage where riddler thought batman would die. Afterwards nothing happened it said to find more clues. After the hostage I got all the challenges. Also when I go to the radio he days “kick me hard and I will crack but you’ll never stop me from starring back” I know its a mirror and I already solved that riddle in the enigma machine I believe (?) Im sure I did. Anyway its not going anywhere. Do I find a physical mirror in the game? Thanks!!! 😀

    • yes you have to go to the restricted area and in the room where the 2 lines are( A and B) go in some doors. if you find the room where you were a hostage at the beginning of the game and hold L2 while standing infront of the mirror then if you want to have some fun after you scan it punch it 😀

  • Every time those stupid riddles come up it won’t let me answer them or even start up…

  • I’ve got all the ballons, cameras, demonds and breakables. I’ve collected every riddler trophie and completed every secondry objective but the riddler enigma conundrum. I’m stuck a 75% with no clue what to do next. Help!!

    • Hi, never mind i just noticed you got to have the catwomen trophies as well. I can’t connect to xbox live for some reason and i just keep getting error messages but as you can see my internet connection is just fine. WHAT A RIP OFF £23.00 for a game which i can’t finish.

  • I just want to know how much riddler secrets i need to get in order to find a hostage.

    • iv done room 3 for the riddler but he wont give me the next riddle

  • you need 80 things before you can unlock the enigma machine then you enter darkness and then he tells you where the second hostage where abouts

  • steve

    Hi, im having problems bringing up the 4th enigma machine? (ive just done the hostage where you have to line wire through the moving circle scary things). Ive done all but about 3 riddles, about 50% of trophies lefta dn around 20% of other challenges left.

    Do i just keep on going with challenges or is there another thing i have to do?

  • I got all catwoman trophies batman trophies what elese do i have to do anyone please help all hostages were saved also .

  • ive collected everything but im clueless on what or where to go next?

  • Tim

    How many secrets do I need to to get to the fourth hostage

  • Tom

    I’m trying to get past riddler hostage 3, I can’t move the crates, does anyone else have this prob.

  • Learn your “left” from you “right”, man! You gave backwards horizontal directions for Conondrum #5!

  • adrian

    i cant use the enigma machine ¿why?

  • i rescued the second guy and i left the room i later learned where the third hostage is and i can’t get back there to the door any help