Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Batmobile Upgrade Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Batmobile Upgrade Guide
Sooner or later you will have to make weapon choices for you Batmobile in Batman Arkham Knight. There are normally two choices and you will have to pick one of them. This Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile upgrade guide will help you choose which upgrade to get!

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Upgrade Guide

The first upgrade you will have to choose will be when you get to Wayne Tower. After you talk with Lucius he will present you with two options. Whichever option you don’t choose you can pick again at the next upgrade.

Option A is the CPU Virus. This will make enemy tanks turn on each other for a brief amount of time. This is very useful if you are being overwhelmed at any point. I would probably recommend this upgrade on the harder difficulties to help keep some of the damage off you briefly. The biggest issue with this upgrade is it isn’t super effective in a one on one situation. I didn’t go with this one because I thought avoiding the damage was easy enough.

Option B is a level 3 missile system. This will upgrade your over drive even further. Instead of four missiles you will get seven once fully charged. This also means you need to fill up a third bar to use it of course. I went with this because I thought it had more use overall.

After you progress to the next island you and do some story missions, you will get a call from Lucious with another upgrade option. As stated above you will get the choice you didn’t pick before AND new choice.

You can now choose to add the EMP to your Batmobile. The EMP will disable nearby vehicles and destroy missiles that are coming your way. This is a VERY helpful upgrade so you should get it as soon as you can.

Later in the story you will get a choice for another upgrade to the Batmobile. Any of the upgrades you haven’t taken yet will always be the first option. The new option will be the Weapon Generator Mark 4. This adds a fourth bar to fill up and increases the amount of missiles you can shoot at once. Filling up all four is pretty difficult at the later stages.

Towards the end of the game you get a new Batmobile that comes with all the upgrades regardless of what you picked. Now that I have the CPU virus take over, I am sad I didn’t pick it earlier. You can take over large tanks with it and it is very helpful in the Mine fights.

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