Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Campaign For Disarmament Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Campaign For Disarmament Guide
Early on in Batman Arkham Knight you will come across some mines scattered throughout the city. Some are easy to find while others are hidden deep in the city. This Batman Arkham Knight Campaign For Disarmament guide will help you find them all while you travel the city!

Batman Arkham Knight Campaign For Disarmament Guide

This is one I actually recommend doing after you beat most of the story so you have the fully upgraded weapons of the Batmobile.

Bleake Island mine locations.
Batman Arkham Knight Campaign For Disarmament Bleake Island Map

Miagani Mine locations.
Batman Arkham Knight Campaign For Disarmament Miagani Map

Founders’ Island mine locations.
Batman Arkham Knight Campaign For Disarmament Founders' Island Map

To disarm the mines you will need to use the Batmobile and upload a virus into the mines. Each time you upload a virus you will have to face a large amount of tanks, 30-50 depending on the mine. Use the Vulcan cannon on any of the flying Drones and be sure to hack some onto your team each fight. The missles are great but having four strong drones on your team can make things go much quicker. I never had to leave combat mode, use the dodge thrust to avoid any attacks. Don’t forget that the Vulcan cannon can shoot down missiles as well. I do like to use the missiles when they are hitting me from multiple sides and I can use 10 of them.

It can seem like you are being overwhelmed but keep you cool and aim your shots properly to overcome this quest. Don’t forget to rev you engine on the mine after you kill all the drones!

After I disarmed all the mines I was able to take on Deathstroke. Head to his way point and you will have to deal with five of the Cobra tanks and Deathstroke’s Tank. Kill off all the five of the Cobras first. After that you can focus on Deathstroke. Use all your missiles on him and hit him with you canon. Try to fight him somewhere that you can strafe between a pillar or building to avoid taking damagae. He doesn’t have a weak point, you just need to lower his HP.

You don’t actually fight Deathstroke outside of the tank which is lame. Return him to GCPD to beat the mission.

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