Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Creature Of The Night Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Creature Of The Night Guide
Another side quest you can get while traveling through Miagani Island is the Creature Of The Night. This one is a bit tricky because it doesn’t actually become automatically unlocked. This Batman Arkham Knight Creature Of The Night Guide will help you find it and complete it!

Batman Arkham Knight Creature Of The Night Guide

This one actually caught me off guard. While I was grappling around Miagani Island, I was going up a tall building and Man Bat roared at me right before I got to the top. This is what unlocks the mission Creature Of The Night. Use you detective vision to keep track of him while he is flying. You need to catch him by going up above him and basically dive bombing onto him. Once you catch him, Batman will get some of his blood and you can move on to the next part of the mission.

At the next way point go into the building and use the elevator. Once you are down below go into the door at the end of the hallway. There is a video playing on the screen if you want to watch it. Inspect the dead body and then the computer to get a few answers. The DNA part is a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it you can do it. Basically you need to get the white DNA parts down below. So when a yellow or black starts going down, switch the sides of them to make it white again. You can switch both at the same time if you need to using the sticks.

This is where I found him next. The DNA symbol is his general area, he was flying at my marker for me. Use you detective vision to see him flying in the air.
Batman Arkham Knight Creature Of The Night Map 1

All you need to do is fly above him and land on top of him. You will administer the antidote but it won’t be enough this time.

I got the next part after I finished up the Heir to the Cowl side mission. I had done quite a few story missions at this point as well. This is where you can find him next.

Batman Arkham Knight Creature Of The Night Map 2

The DNA symbol is the general area of where he is flying. If found him at my arrow with Detective vision on. Just like before you want to land on top of him. Once you catch him again, bring him back to GCPD to complete the side quest.

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