Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Gotham On Fire Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Gotham On Fire Guide
This is another side quest you get once you arrive on Miagani Island in Batman Arkham Knight. There is an arsonist on the loose and you need to find out who it is and stop them. This Batman Arkham Knight Gotham On Fire guide will help you beat the mission as soon as possible!

Batman Arkham Knight Gotham On Fire Guide

When you get the quest head to the way point and get in the Batmobile. Power up the Fire station with the Batmobile and you will put out the fire. When the fire is out you will have to chase Firefly in your Batmobile. You have to get close enough to him to jump out and take him down. Use the boost to get close and avoid the fire he puts down because it will damage you. Once you finally catch him, beat him down and he will escape.

Here is the second part of the quest.

Batman Arkham Knight Gotham On Fire Map 1

You will have to put the fire out with the Batmobile again in order to get Firefly out. Once he is out you will have to chase him around the city for a a minute or two again. Use the boost and power slide to keep up with him and avoid his fires. After awhile he will burn out and you can jump out and take him down a second time. Punch him in the face a few times and he will fly away.

This is the last Fire station location. You will need to beat some story missions in order to get the Batmobile to it.
Batman Arkham Knight Gotham On Fire Map 2

Once you have the Batmobile on Founders’ Island you can do this last part. Just like the last two fire stations you will need to power up the fire suppression system with the Batmobile. You will have to chase Firefly down AGAIN. This one is actually pretty tough, I had to redo it two times. Use your boost to keep on him but avoid taking super sharp turns because he likes to turn super fast. Just do you best to keep on him.

After you finally catch him, you will drop him off a GCPD and you can visit him inside.

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