Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Heir To The Cowl Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Heir To The Cowl Guide
Once you make it to Miagani Island you will get new side quests to do. Heir to the Cowl is one of the side quests you will want to do wile you are here. This guide will help you finish up Heir to the Cowl in Arkham Knight with no trouble at all!

Batman Arkham Knight Heir To The Cowl Guide

The first step for this is actually pretty simple. Once you get to the flaming bat symbol, talk to Azrael and you will play as him. All you have to do is NOT get hit during the fight. He has the same basic moves as Batman, dodge and counter to make sure you don’t take damage. Once you beat it you will return to Batman and you will have to wait for the next part of the mission.

You can find Azrael again at this location.

Batman Arkham Knight Heir To The Cowl Azrael Location

You will have to avoid taking damage for the whole fight again. There isn’t much of a challenge here outside of the big guy. Just attack any of the guys picking up crates to throw at you. Once they are down, stun the big guy and bring him down. Use your take downs once you charge up the meter.

Here is the third spot for Azrael.

Batman Arkham Knight Heir To The Cowl Map 2

There is a medic during this challenge so you need to take him out first. If he manages to put a electric shield on a guy, use the bat claw to take it off. There are alot of weapons to use on this mission if you want.

This is where you will fin Azrael next.

Batman Arkham Knight Heir To The Cowl Map 3

This last fight was easy in my opinion. You will have to fight 6 ninjas without being hit. Just be ready for double counters and time your attacks perfectly to end them quickly. Be sure to use you combo take downs when you have them charged up. After that you will have to go to the Clock Tower to analyze Azrael’s brain. You will be looking for symbols throughout the video to help you put together whats going on.

The symbols are at 5:32, 16:21, 28:80 and 41:05. Once you find all the symbols Azrael will appear. You will control him again and have to grab his sword from near the elevator. When you have the sword walk up to Batman and you will have a choice to make. If you choose to kill Batman with Azrael, Batman will dodge and knock out Azrael. I assume this ends with Azrael in jail, I didn’t let it go all the way through because I didn’t want it to auto save.

If you choose to break the sword, Azrael will break the sword and he can leave. Azrael and Batman will shake hands and Azrael will go do his thing.

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