Batman Arkham Knight Guide: The Line Of Duty Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: The Line Of Duty Guide

After a couple of missions in Batman Arkham Knight you will gain access to side missions. The Line Of Duty is a mission you will get as soon as you get into the Gotham City Police Station. This Batman Arkham Knight The Line Of Duty Guide will help you get it done quickly!

Batman Arkham Knight The Line Of Duty Guide

Select this as your main mission and head to the way first Bleake Island way point. I actually jumped over a ramp with the Bat mobile to get to it, if you try it make use to use your after burner! At the way point you will here some thugs talking to the first Fireman. He is up in the security office. Go up on the roof and use that to drop down and knock one of the thugs out. From there you can use the environment for another quick take down and then deal with the rest as you see fit. There are only about 6 so this isn’t a tough fight. Don’t forget to talk to the Fire Fighter after you beat the thugs. At this point you actually have to look for the rest, we got you covered though.

Batman Arkham Knight The Line Of Duty Map 1

Firefighter Wyatt is at the North East dock way point. He is protected by 6 thugs with guns. I used my Fear attack to bring down four and then used Smoke to take hide from the other two. Once they gave up I took both of them down separately.

Firefighter Norman is at the South East docks and he is protected by about 10 guys. There is one guy with a gun, two shield guys and a big guy. The guy with the gun should always be going down first. I actually glide attacked him down right away. After that you should focus on the normal thugs, use the explosive barrels to your advantage here when they are grouped up. For the big guy you will need to stun him before you attack with a cape swipe. The shield guys need a cape swipe then a double jump to knock them down. Be sure to watch out for any guys grabbing the guns! Lots of dodging here.

Firefighter Cannon is at the South West Marker and he has quite a few enemies near him. There is a little tunnel that leads to the road right near where he is tied up at. Park the Bat Mobile out there and lure the guys out near the road. Once they are all in range, use the Bat Mobile and make this one way easier on yourself.

Firefighter Ashely is at the West Way point. For him I actually used the ledge to do a fear take down. I already had the 5, which was over kill, but if you only have three then focus the guys with the guns. The rest of them are average thugs that don’t pose much of a threat.

Firefighter Adamson is the last a one in this area, he’s at the North West Waypint. This one is a joke, 6 unarmed thugs. Just jump in and do you thing.

Miagani Island

To gain access to the next Fire Fighter section you will need to go through some story missions. Once you get to Maagani Island Alfred will eventually update you with side quests, this is one of them. Head to the way point and look down with your detective vision on to see a bunch of thugs beating on a guy. There are about 8 you need to fight, you can fear take down a few to get an advantage.

The second guy can be found below the Miagani Bridge. There are 6 guards down here and they do have guns. I glided in and took one down, dropped a smoke pellet and hit each one down. If you can knock them all down they will drop their guns. I did have a couple pick theirs back up but you can dodge over them or use a take down to deal with them. I did this one before I started making maps.

Batman Arkham Knight The Line Of Duty Map 2

firefighter Richardson is at the more center way point. He is protected by a few thugs and some turrets. First off you will want to lure the thugs down the stairs and take them out first. Once they are down you can take out the turrets. You will want to take down the two center turrets first because they protect the other ones. After you kill the middle turrets you can take out the rest easily from behind.

Firefighter Daniell is the South most way point. He is protected by about 8 guards with guns. I just dropped in and took care of them. Just jump from each thug knocking them down to make them drop their guns. Make sure if any pick up a gun to focus them.

Here is the next island.

Batman Arkham Knight The Line Of Duty Map 3

Firefighter Scott is at the North most way point. He is protected by a jammer and a sniper on the light house. I took out the sniper first and then went down and took out the jammer unit. There are a few other guys to take out as well. Once you take them down, free the Firefighter.

Firefighter Wilson is at the inner city way point. There are just a bunch of normal thugs here with a few big dudes. I just dropped in and beat them all down. Be careful because one of them ran for a gun while I was fighting. Use the baseball bats to help you out with your cause.

Firefighter Bliss is at the West most way point, near the Wayne plaza. There are a few big thugs and some little ones with bats and pipes. There is a gun cache near the building you might want to rig. I jumped down and just went to town on the dude, the bats and pipes made it easy.

Firefighter Taylor is at the south port. There are a couple ways to approach this one. If you want to go in hard you can just do a fear multi take down from the top and take out the other guys one by one. I actually started the at bottom and did silent take downs until I only had the three at the top. Once I only have them, I jumped onto the roof and did a fear take down.

This last guy was actually pretty tricky to get to.

Batman Arkham Knight The Line Of Duty Map 4

He is in the lower part of the city. On the east side you can find a winch point for the Batmobile. Use that and tear down the wall. Go through the door and you will find the thugs on the other side. I used my Disruptor on the gun ones and then I jumped down and started wailing on them. there is a gun container down here but I couldn’t get a shot on it. Be sure to use the bats, pipes and crates to your advantage in this fight.

This will unlock the Chief way point and you have to save him. He is protected by quite a few thugs with guns. Start on the outside and do silent take downs and work your way in. Once you get to just the chief and his thugs, use the fear take down on them. Take the chief back to GCPD and you beat the quest.

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Batman Arkham Knight Guide: The Line Of Duty Guide

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