Batman Arkham Knight Guide: The Perfect Crime Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: The Perfect Crime Guide

Early on in Batman Arkham knight you will get a side quest called The Perfect Crime. You will have to find several clues to find a crime that was committed in Gotham. This guide will help you find all the clues for the Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime mission.

Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime Guide

You get this in the GCPD once you enter there. Head to the first way point and check out the body. You will find out the person died of an overdose and his finger prints have been burned off with acid. Next you will have to scan with the deep tissue scanner. Scan the ear on the skin level, the left hip area of the muscle level and the right hip area of the bone level. Once you do that you will figure out who it is and what happened to them. Alfred then suggests you listen for Opera music because that seems to be the killer’s calling card.

You can find the second body her, on one of the buildings. There are some words near the body as well.

Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime Second Body

The second body looks just like the first one does. You will have to use the deep tissue scanner again. Skin level is the right lower arm, the muscle is right around the heart and the bone scan is on the right knee. Turns out both of the victims have been taken from OUTSIDE Gotham City. Still no leads on who it is or where they might actually be though. We still have nothing to go on but the Opera music in the city.

I had to do some story missions on Miagani island and clear out some Drones before I could get this one.

Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime Body 3

Check the body here and use you Tissue Scanner. Skin level is the right rib cage, the Muscle level is the left eyeball and the Bone level is the left lower arm. This victim was either bit by a shark or it was Croc. Still no closer to figuring out who it is though. Another word is here, this one is Broken.

This is still in Miagani.

Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime Body 4

Use you deep Tissue Scanner on this body. Skin level is the left part of the chest, Muscle is the left lower arm and the Bone level is right toes. I realize he says the left toes but from our perspective is on the right. The word Imperfect can be found at this one.

Here is the next body.
Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime Body 5

With your Deep Tissue scanner, check the left upper leg on the Skin level, the left hip area of the Muscle layer and the skull of the Bone layer. The word Defective can be found above the victim.

Here is the last body.

Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Body 6

With the scanner check the lower right thigh on the Skin level, for the Muscle level check the neck and the Bone level is the right hand. The word Reject can be found next to her body. After you check this body then you can go find out who did all the murders.

You will find the villain in the doll store. You will have to fight a few enemies and then fight with him. His lackys will get up if you don’t do a ground take down or a combo take down. Once it is just you and him, catch his cleavers and then do a environment take down to finish him. Free the civilians and then pick up the enemy and bring him back to the GCPD.

I am looking for the next part of the mission at the moment. If you know where it is, please leave a comment and help us out!

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