Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Two-Faced Bandit Guide

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Two-Faced Bandit Guide
You will have to do quite a few story missions in order to unlock the Two-Faced Bandit side mission. It is actually one of the shorter missions but still fun to do. This Batman Arkham Knight Two-Faced Bandit guide will help you get the mission done with no trouble at all!

Batman Arkham Knight Two-Faced Bandit Guide

Select the mission and head to the first check point. You will have to defeat a certain amount of thugs before they steal all the cash. There is an alarm going off that will cover the sound of most of your gadgets so use that to your advantage. This also covers the noise of your Knockout Smash when you do a silent take down, use this to your advantage. Let them all come in and then drop down to the grates. I used the grates to grab a few while they brought money back to the the truck. From there I took out a couple inside the rooms, through the glass. The guys in the vault actually saw me, didn’t matter I took them out still.

After you take out the amount of thugs you need to, Two-Face will lock you in and you will need to deal with the rest. The grates during this part are really helpful. All of the remaining thugs for me walked right over vents and I took them down one by one. After you clear them out, exit the bank and move on to the next bank.

You will have to do the same thing at the next bank. Start up top and take out the the three guys stealing from up there. After that drop down to the floor below and take out the four on the floor below. At this point I moved across the bank to another another two thugs off on their own. Last guy I just caught running and then the next part started.

I actually did a inverted take down to start off the next part. This will break the group up and you can pick off any stragglers that stay behind. Just keep taking out the stragglers and you shouldn’t have much issue with this part. Also watch out for the metal detectors, those got me once. There are a few things you can use your remote hacking device on to provide distractions as well.

This last bank is a bit more hectic and I got caught a couple times. The floor grates during this one are really helpful. Just jump out and knockout smash anyone you can. I also waited near the stairs that they were running up and did the same thing. I had to combo take down a couple of them when I got caught. Once you clear them out Two-Face will arrive.

I could see this next part being a problem IF you didn’t have fear take down. That is what I used on Two-Face and his thugs. If you don’t have it make sure to take out the medic first. After that take out the Jammer guys so you can watch the enemy movement better. Lastly take out any thugs and then silent take down Two-Face. Using the Remote Hacking Device is really helpful at this point.

Once he is down, bring him to GCPD to finish the mission.

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