Batman Telltale Game – Crime Scene Guide

Batman Telltale Game - Crime Scene Guide
Telltale returns in epic fashion as players are once again thrown into an immersive, story-driven experience alongside a host of new features in Batman: The Telltale Series. This Batman Telltale guide is for one of the unique sections of the game that sees Batman use his legendary detective skills to analyze a crime scene and create vivid pictures of what occurred.

Batman Telltale Crime Scene Guide

Warehouse Crime Scene
There is only a single Crime Scene in the first episode of Batman, the warehouse. Below is quick to use step-by-step guide on what elements of the crime scene need to be linked to learn what happened there.

  • When you begin, the game introduces you to the crime scene and linking system by showing you how to link the Blast Epicenter with the remains nearby.
  • Investigate the two bodies on the far right side of the warehouse. Inspect the ripped up face of the first corpse.
  • Then inspect the nearby body of the police officer. Inspect the hands to reveal human flesh remains
  • Link the cops hands and the nearby body
  • Next explore the other side of the warehouse and open the container. Inside you’ll find a metal fragment with a bullet hole
  • Link the metal fragment to the head of the cop you interacted with previously
  • Finally linked the unscorched area with the scorched area

That completes this Crime Scene. There is an interrogation sequence at the end