Best Character Choice At The Start Of State Of Decay 2

Best Character Choice At The Start Of State Of Decay 2
At the beginning of State of decay 2 you will have to choose which character set you want to begin the game with. Some are strong fighters, others have better stamina and some are better with certain crafts. Check out this guide to find out which set of characters you should choose in State of Decay 2.

Best Character Choice At The Start Of State Of Decay 2

Traits and Wits
Wits at this point in the game will just increase your search speed so you don’t need it compared to other stats. Traits will sometimes change certain stats. For instance someone with a blade trait will get a blade perk for fighting, same with a baseball trait getting a blunt upgrade to fighting.
The Surly Siblings
Ava and Dalton are brother and sister that are reunited due to the zombie apocalypse. If you choose them you will be playing as Ava at first, you cannot switch until you reach your first home base. She has good stamina so she can swing longer and run longer to boot. She isn’t as strong as some of the other choices but this is the classic battle between speed and power. On the flip side her brother is actually quite powerful when it comes to combat and he can be very useful when you can switch to him. On top of that he has some mechanic points making him good in the garage later on. One of the best aspects of this choice is the fact that Ava doesn’t have a fifth role. This means you can pick one for her later. You find books that let you assign skills meaning one of your first characters will can be useful at any skill later on.

Old Buddies
Old buddies it the classic bumbling fool getting bailed out by his friend routine. You will play as Brian who has decent cardio but not as good as Ava. He excels in shooting, which in theory is good. Truth is though, even though you get a starter gun early, they are often times not worth the risk without a silencer. They just cause to much noise and can get you in a bad spot before you know it. The upside of this relationship if the Craftsmanship level of Nolan. He is one star away from reaching the next rank of Craftsmanship making him the more useful one out of the relationship.
Perpetual Breakup
The one again off again girlfriends who are now stuck together in the apocalypse. Of all the starter teams they have the best cardio combined. They run the longest, and fight the longest. They don’t really excel anywhere else but you should never underestimate cardio. Lexie has a background in chemistry which makes her useful at creating medicines later in the game. From my experience so far, chemists are hard to find but you can get a book and make once yourself.
Odd Couple
My choice for new comers honestly. You play as George and he has great cardio and is a good fighter. This means bashing zombies will be easy since he hits hard and doesn’t run out of stamina quickly. On the flip side you have Whit who is a gardener. Gardens can be used to craft medical herbs and food, both of which you will need if you want your community to survive.
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