Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Max Raid Battles offer huge rewards in Sword & Shield. In this guide we tell you who we think is the Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles In Pokemon Sword & Shield, a Pokemon that is able to drop almost any level Max Raid Battle down to its next available shield in a single shot.

Max Raid Battles are found in small dens scattered throughout the Wild Area. They vary in strength and rarity, up to 5 stars, with an added boost for the special versions. These can be challenging fights but the rewards can be incredible, including high IV Pokemon, tons of XP candies and even some hidden moves.

Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles

We’ve done some extensive testing and the most successful Pokemon we’ve had in Max Raid Battles is Eternatus. It’s a Pokemon you can catch right at the end of the story so if you haven’t reached that point yet, push through the story until you’ve captured Eternatus.

Then it’s time to prepare Eternatus for farming Max Raid Battles. Firstly, raise it to level 100. This may seem daunting at first but using candies, it can be done in an hour of farming, maybe less. Now you need to farm some Battle Points at Battle Tower. You need to earn about 40 Battle Points before heading to Hammerlocke’s central Pokemon Center to buy Calcium from the BP Store there. Buy 20-25 Calcium and use them all on Eternatus. Lastly, you need to equip Choice Specs. If you haven’t found this item yet, check around the stage in Spikemuth, it’s a shiny on the floor.

This gives Eternatus huge Special Attack bonuses and it’s unique ability, Dynamax Cannon, deals double damage if the target is in Dynamax or Gigantamax form. Of course, all Max Raid Battles are in those forms. Even if use Dynamax Cannon when it’s not very effective, it will still reduce the target to its next available shield level.

Eternatus cannot Dynamax, so you can let other players use their Pokemon to Dynamax, essentially having the power of two Dynamax Pokemon due to the Dynamax Cannon. The Choice Specs further increase a moves ability but after you attack for the first turn in a fight, you can only use that move for the rest of the fight. It’s a huge power increase but Dynamax Cannon is only a 5 PP Move. It’s not required but increasing that to 7/7 or 8/8 with PP Up items is worth the investment.

Using this setup, we’ve defeated every single Max Raid Battle we have encountered in Sword & Shield. If you are only playing with AI companions, there are some fights that can still be challenging. Not so much because of Eternatus’ abilities but the allies in battle. It’s always a good idea, if you can, to find the likes of Rhyperior with an additional player or two.

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