The Best Weapons In Final Fantasy XV

The Best Weapons In Final Fantasy XV
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to complete the toughest dungeons in the game, the quest for the perfect weapon is ongoing. This is a list of the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV including weapons from all categories and where to find them.

The Best Weapons In Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV features dozens of unique and powerful weapons. Some are simple to obtain while others are hidden away in intricate quest lines or challenging content. Below is a list of the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV that we’ve discovered as well as all the information you need to add them to your own arsenal.

Important: Some of the weapons that are found on the ground only appear when you have progressed through the story a certain amount or completed it. If you can’t find the item described in a couple of minutes, check back later in the story.
The Best Swords In Final Fantasy XV

The Balmung Sword
Initially, this sword delivers devastating harm, but as the wielder’s magical energies decline, so too does the blade’s lethality. The Balmung boasts the strongest attack rating of any sword in Final Fantasy XV, a staggering 446. However, it’s might is matched by its difficulty to obtain as it’s one of the most challenging weapons to find. Firstly you must complete the entire story. Then you need to gain access to the hidden dungeon doors, finally you need to enter Steyliff for the Menace Sleeps in Steyliff quest. The Balmung sword can be found inside, after around 20-25 floors of enemies. More information on the Balmung Sword.

The Ultima Blade
The ultimate sword crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elements powers of defeated foes. As the name suggests the Ultima Blade is one of the games strongest one handed swords. It boasts an attack rating of 364, rivaling that of even the Greatswords, and provides 40 MP and increases Magic damage by 30 point. It’s not the hardest weapon to get in the game, you actually start with its base form at the start of the game – the Engine Blade. It’s one of the many upgradeable weapons in the game, speak to Cid to upgrade it once you’ve progressed far enough through the story.

The Soul Saber
A most unusual blade that strikes foes with greater force as the wielder’s stamina flags. This rare and powerful sword boasts an attack rating of 343 but really excels when Noctis becomes lower on stamina, drastically increasing damage. Although weaker than the legendary Ultima Blade, it’s actually far more difficult to obtain. It’s a reward for completing a quest line from a guy called Randolph, a series of quests that culminates in a battle with a level 120 mechanized enemy. For more information on obtaining the Soul Saber check out our guide on the 5 legendary weapons of Final Fantasy XV.

The Best Greatswords In Final Fantasy XV

Iron Duke
A crude but robust greatsword that dispenses with enchantment’s. It is designed with simple devastation in mind. The powerful Iron Duke takes its rightful place in the top 3 most powerful greatswords in Final Fantasy. It’s another tough challenge to collect however as you will need to finish off the 5 legendary weapons quests to obtain this powerful weapon. An attack rating of 581 and an increase of 153 HP make it a great weapon to begin conquering the end-game of Final Fantasy XV.

The Dominator
A greatsword infused with holy light. It is deadly when used against daemons, who fear all that is sacred. The Dominator takes its place as the second strongest greatsword in Final Fantasy XV. A huge attack rating of 583 is accompanied by 298 additional HP and a 32% increase in defenses against dark attacks. The Dominator is actually one of the easiest weapons to obtain in the entire game, especially for its power. It’s not locked away in some dungeon or guarded by a powerful enemy. It’s on the floor at a treasure spot North West of Alstor Slough. For more details check out our Dominator guide.

A blade that seeks to safeguard its master by becoming deadlier when the wielder’s health wanes. Boasting the highest attack rating of any weapon in Final Fantasy XV, the Apocalypse’s 597 attack is increased even further when the wielder’s HP lowers. It also provides a huge boost of 403 to HP. It’s another tough one however, locked away in one of the sealed dungeons in Final Fantasy XV. Grab your Dungeon Seal Key and head to Balouve to grab this more. For more information check out our Apocalypse guide.

The Best Polearms In Final Fantasy XV

Dragoon Lance
Made from elementally resistant scales of dragons, this polearm protects its wielder by mitigating damage from fire, ice and lightning. The lance of the legendary Dragoon’s boasts a huge attack rating of 246 while providing 15% increase resistance to fire, 14% increase resistance to blizzard and 16% increase in resistance to lightning. This epic weapon is one of the many rare and unique weapons you get from completing the legendary weapons quests.

Precision Lance
A polearm designed to help its wielder target an enemy’s weak spot. Increases the odds of landing a critical hit. Nothing fancy about the Precision Lance. A 266 attack rating with an increase in critical hit chance is all you need. This awesome weapon is available from the special dungeon in Duarell Caverns maze, although you can get it much earlier at the arena. Stop by our Totomostro arena guide to grab this one as early as possible.

A mysterious weapon of unknown origins. It finishes off a flurry of attacks with a devastating coupe de grace. A huge attack rating of 337, this no frills Flayer polearm is one of the most exciting in the game. A special finishing combo provides a near double increase in damage. This legendary weapon can be found in the Steyliff secret dungeon, although you’ll have to fight your way through to the end to get it.

The Best Daggers In Final Fantasy XV

Blades forced to be the ultimate pair of daggers, enchancing most wielder attributes. An attack rating of 248 is just the tip of this iceberg as the Organyx boosts practically every defensive stat by 10% and adds more to boot. If you’re into daggers you can grab this powerful weapon nigh near the start of the game. Head to Golden Quay and search for a nearby treasure spot. Check your map. Read where the words “Vannath Coast” are, head East of the T in Coast and just over the road you’ll see a treasure spot. Head there for your Organyx.

Final Fantasy XV’s second strongest dagger boasts an attacking rating of 285 and has a small chance to inflict Stop on any enemy it hits. It also provides additional attributes to benefit HP and magic. It’s slightly easier to obtain that its more powerful cousin, the Zwill Crossblades, but you will still need to complete the game and run through the hidden dungeon in the Glacial Grotto to grab these bad boys.

Zwill Crossblades
Blades for virtuosos who know how to avoid blows. Deadliest when the wielder is at full health. Personally, my favorite weapon in the entire game. If you’re adept at dodging enemy blows or throwing out quick potions, the Zwill Crossblades are a deadly weapon. A huge increase of 80% additional damage when at full health, it’s enough to take down some of the more difficult enemies in mere seconds. It’s another prize from Randolph so get to completing those legendary weapons quests.

The Best Firearms In Final Fantasy XV

The Executioner’s deadly attack rating of 363 is improved by a further 50% whenever a single enemy is alone within a certain radius. This one is another pain to obtain, you need to complete the secret dungeon inside the Glacial Grotto to pick up this gun.

Hyper Magnum
The Hyper Magnum offers a variety of buffs alongside a damage rating of 388, no frills here.

Death Penalty
The Death Penalty. The strongest pistol in the game at 424 attack rating and it also has a small chance to cause Death, an instant one hit kill on any enemy. Although the chances of this are incredibly slim. This one can be found inside the Balouve Mines hidden dungeon

The Best Shields In Final Fantasy XV

Wizard Shield
The 3rd strongest shield in the game and it’s incredibly easy to obtain. This is available to purchase somewhere, but I can’t remember the locations and I lost my receipe. It was availables omewhere for the low-low price of 12,000 gil. If you need help making Gil, check out our guide to making Gil fast in FFXV.

Aegis Shield
A mighty shield said to have been borne by the gods themselves. It can sometimes completely block an attack. The second most powerful shield in Final Fantasy XV has the ability to randomly negate all damage from an attack – although the chances appear slim. It boasts 292 attack and adds 55 vitality alongside 11% increased resistance to ballistic attacks. This is another locked away in a sealed dungeon so get to completing the Styeliff sealed dungeon to add the Aegis Shield to your collection.

A shield formed from many layers of armor. Executing Blink boosts attack strength. Despite it stats leaning towards a Noctis equip, Ziedrich being the most powerful shield in the game (327 attack rating) makes it the perfect solution for filling out Gladiolus. It also provides a 14% increase in defense against ballistic weapons while an additional 50 points in vitality add further to its impressive defensive capabilities. This is one of the legendary weapons so be sure to complete all of Randolph’s quests.

The Best Machinery Weapons In Final Fantasy XV

Gravity Well
The Gravity Well is a special weapon with a unique attack that launches a gravitational ball that sucks enemies into a small radius, perfect for lining up spells. You can find this as one of the many upgradeable weapons in the game, check out our guide here.

An attack rating of 397. Special ability launches sound waves, not found a great use for them yet. You can find this as one of the many upgradeable weapons in the game, check out our guide here.

432 attack rating amplified by repeated damage from its special attack. You can find this as one of the many upgradeable weapons in the game, check out our guide here.