Borderlands 2 Guide – Sanctuary Vault Symbols Location Guide

Borderlands 2 Guide Sanctuary Vault Symbols Location
Sanctuary is one of the town hubs that you come across very early in the Borderlands 2 Campaign. All of your favorite characters are there along with 5 Vault Symbols to be found. Finding the Vault Symbols will give you more badass tokens to help upgrade all of your characters in Borderlands 2. With more tokens all of your characters will become stronger so it is important to find all of the vault symbols in Borderlands 2. This Sanctuary vault symbol location guide will go over all 5 locations including how to get to each point. There will be a video directly below that also shows a little more detail. Paired together these guides will be a powerful tool in collecting all of the Vault Symbols in Borderlands 2. Let’s get started!

Vault Symbol 1 in Sanctuary:
The first symbol we picked up in Sanctuary is located just outside Marcus’s Gun Shop. Check out the ally just before going into the shop that is to the left of the entrance. Behind the dumpster there will be a decent sized Vault Symbol to be discovered.

Vault Symbol 2 in Sanctuary:
The second symbol in Sanctuary is also located by Marcus’s Gun Shop. Look for a bench that is just outside the entrance of the shop. Jump on the bench and then jump on top of the overhang that is sticking out from the roof. From this overhang you can walk on top of the roof it is attached on to. Turn from that roof to look across the street and you will see a mattress on a opposite roof. Jump over to this mattress and then use that mattress to jump onto the roof to the left if you are looking away from Marcus’s Gun Shop. From the top of this roof you will be able to see a balcony on the other side of the roof. Drop down and there will be a small symbol on the door.

Vault Symbol 3 in Sanctuary:
The third symbol in Sanctuary in our video that we grabbed is just outside Moxxxi’s Bar. Head over to the bar and look at the front big sign. If you are looking at the sign follow the wall to the right of the large Moxxxi sign. On a small outset piece of concrete that is a side of the door will have a small symbol to discover. Check in between 1:37 – 1:47 because this one is kind of hard to explain exactly where it is.

Vault Symbol 4 in Sanctuary:
The fourth symbol in Sanctuary is located inside of Scooter’s Garage. Head over to Scooter’s Garage through the big garage door. Once in there look at Scooter’s dumb face (at least i think it’s dumb). There should be a set of stairs behind and to the right of him. Under the stairs Will be a decent stack of tires. If you look on the other side of the tires, in the corner of the room, is a small vault symbol. Pick it up and get ready to move on to the last Vault Symbol!

Vault Symbol 5 in Sanctuary:
The fifth and last symbol is located on a roof in the middle of town. While in the middle of town you can see a large vault symbol flag on top of one of the roofs. Look around for a stack of tires in the middle of town by an overhang like the one you jumped on for the first vault symbol. Jump from the tires to the overhang. Once you made it there jump on top of the attached roof. From the roof jump onto the thing that looks like a chimney. From the Chimney jump on top to the adjacent roof. From this roof there will be a rounded shaped roof that looks very steep but you can actually jump on to it.

Once you are on top of the big rounded roof you will be able to jump onto the roof next to the vault symbol flag. Once you make it over to this roof there will be another chimney looking thing that you can jump on to. Jump over to the roof and there will be little area with some money boxes and the vault symbol on the ground bellow the flag. Grab the symbol, but if the written text here didn’t help enough make sure to check out 2:12 for the full jump pattern.

That will be the end of our Sanctuary Vault Symbols Location Guide. We hoped the video and the written guide helped you guys out. If you need anymore help, or are looking for another area, Check out our Borderlands 2 Guide Collection and make sure to hit us up in the comments! We love to hear from our readers and live off munching on feedback be it positive or not. Thanks for watching and reading Gamers Heroes!

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Borderlands 2 Guide – Sanctuary Vault Symbols Location Guide

Sanctuary is one of the town hubs that you come across very early in the Borderlands 2 Campaign. All of your favorite characters are there along with 5 Vault Symbols to be found