Borderlands 2 Guide: Southern Shelf Side Quest Guide

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The Borderlands can be a tumultuous place, so why not use our guides to help in your journeys to the next vault. The first area of Borderlands 2 is called Southern Shelf. There is plenty of area to explore here and plenty of loot to get. This guide will make sure you don’t miss any of the quests. If you need any more help on the quests bellow, or just have any questions about the area, you can always hit us up in the comments.

Southern Shelf Side Quest Guide

Killer Robot

The first three quests are main quests and are very linear so we will skip them. If you do need help however you can check out our playlist of Borderlands 2 on our YouTube page that can be found under playlists.

The Southern Shelf acts as an area for you to get familiar with weapons, skills, environments and all around just ease you into the game. Bellow is a list of all the side quests with videos that will show exactly how to complete each quest fully.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – This Town Aint Big Enough

You get this Sir Hammerlock after saving his town the first time. Turns out there are still some Bullymongs around the town though. There are two areas to clear out. One has a couple of adult Bulleymongs that like to throw giant rocks at you. I hid under the water tower and dodged them from there.

The second area was a few small ones so I did not really have any issues.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Handsome Jack Here!
After you leave the town of Liar’s Berg you will stumble into a bandit camp. In the camp is audio device. Pick it up to start this quest. The objective will be to get more devices. All of them are on the mini map when you have the quest activated. Head to each marker.

The first one is easily spotted by the green marker.

The second one is on the roof of the building and in a pile of bones. Break it open.

The last one is in another lit up green spot on the last house. I do not remember if it was a door or just a part of the wall.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Shielded Favours

This one is kind of dumb. You get it from Sir Hammerlock and he wants you to go buy a shield. Follow the marker to the bandit area and clear it out. After that you will have to get a fuse.

The fuse area has an electrical fence and it hurts you when you try to go through it. If you look near the fuse you can see a breakable fuse box. Shoot it to disable the fence.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Bad Hair Day

This is another quest from Sir Hammerlock. He wants you to get some fur from the Bullymongs. It is an easy quest all you have to do it get them low then melee and the fur will drop.

You can then pick between a sniper of shotgun reward. I picked the shotgun and used it for a fair bit.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Symbiosis

This one has you killing a midget Bullymong rider. You need to travel to a different zone and work your way up to the top of the bandit camp there. At the top he will bust through the door and you can pick to kill the midget or the Bullymong first. I killed the Bullymong with a fire weapon. After that I killed the midget.

Don’t forget to check behind the bar for a nice loot chest. Also check at the end of the boats for an extra loot chest.

That will end the Borderlands 2 Southern Shelf side quest guide. If you know one we missed let us know in the comments and you will get credit! Happy hunting!

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