Borderlands 2 Guide: The Dust Side Quest Guide

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The Dust is the area with the race track in Borderlands 2. Not only that but there is a gang war going on our here and you can take part in it. Follow this guide so you don’t miss any quests! Let’s get started!

The Dust Side Quests

Pew Pew

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Clan War: Starting The War

This quest is acquired in Sanctuary. You need to fast travel to The Dust and talk to Ellie. She will ask you to get some dynamite.Now you need to go place the dynamite at the way point. Once it blows up go up to the tire and put the emblem on it. Now you need to go to Overlook and break the distillery. Set the bomb and wait for it to blow. Once it does you beat the quest.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Clan War: The First Place

You get this one from Mick and he wants you to mess with the race track. Follow him downstairs and grab the dynamite. Now warp to The Dust.Take a care and head to the way point. Set all the dynamite and go to the detonator. Wait for all three cars to be on the bridge then blow it up to get them all in on explosion. If you miss one you will have to hunt it down and kill it.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – The Good, The Bad, and the Mordecai

This quest is from Mordecai after you do the story quest with Bloodwing. Basically Mordecai won a chest of loot and a bandit took it. If you find and kill him you can have the loot.You need to get a car and make a jump into his camp. If you go to the way point from down below you can follow the ridge to the point you jump in. You need to drive up the rock on the opposite side and towards the end hit the boost. Once you make the jump you will be in the right camp. Fight your way to the way point and you will find out that Carson was kidnapped. Now you need to find him.Follow the way point to Friendship Gulag. Here at the back is the jail for Carson.

You can fight your way through or just run like I did. once you make it to the cage break the bars off and grab the quest item. After that run back out to The Dust.Now go to the garage. Follow the path behind the garage to the way point. Once there kill the two guys who spawn and open the chest to get your loot and complete the quest.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Rakkaholics Anonymous

You get this one from Sanctuary and Mordecai. Head to The Dust and follow the way point on the road. It will be a moonshine truck. Follow and shoot the truck until all the barrels you need fall off. You can collect them in your truck.You then get a choice to turn into Moxxi or Mordecai. Mordecai is a sniper rifle and Moxxi is a revolver. Personal preference here.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Clan War – Reach The Dead Drop

Really simple one. Go to the raceway and get the quest after you do the starting the war one. After you get the quest teleport to Overlook. From there for into the bar and go upstairs and turn the quest in.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Clan War: End Of the Rainbow

You get this from the dead drop location in Overlook. You need to head down stairs and follow a leprechaun. Don’t get to close. He will stay on the minimap the whole time so keep a good distance until you get all the way through the cave. Once you hit the drop in the cave(not the drop from the bar) then you have to fight him. He has more hp then a normal bandit but he’s still easy. Kill him, grab the key and loot the place. Easy money.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Clan War: Trailer Trashing

After you turn in End of the Rainbow this quest becomes unlocked. Look on your map after Mick contacts you and you can see the !. Head to it and get the quest. The bonus is to attack them at night. I was lucky and it was night when I got the quest. You can wait for night if you want or not you can still beat the quest without doing the bonus.Once you arrive you will need to activate all the propane tanks. If you have a fire weapon you can light them up with that if not the quest will give you one. I had them all ready to be shot before I started shooting. After you break a couple of bandits will start to pop out. I ignored them and completed the mission and ran out. If you want to kill them go for it.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Clean War: Wakey Wakey

After the Trailer Trashing quest this one becomes available. Go back to the Hoodunk quest giver and he will tell you to go to Moxxi’s Bar. Go to the garage and teleport there.Buy three drinks from Moxxi and you can enter the wake.Teleport to Overlook. Go inside and look for a large group of them. Take out a rocket launcher if you have one and kill as many as you can right away. If not use a few grenades. After that use your special and clean out the rest of them. If you have trouble go up the stairs and camp until they come to you. It’s pretty easy quest and Mick is not there. Go turn in for the next one.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Clan War: Zafords Vs Hodunks

Now you get to pick a side and kill the other side. I just rolled up with my truck and took down the Hodunks. It should be noted that when I killed the Midget on the Hodunk bosses back the quest glitched and I couldn’t kill him. So be sure to kill the big boss guy and leave the midget on his back alive.Siding with the Zafords will get you a SMG and the Hodunks gets you a shotgun.

That will end the Borderlands 2 The Dust side quest guide. Check back soon for updates!

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