Borderlands 2 Guide: The Highlands Side Quest Guide

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After Jack attacks Sanctuary your quest will lead to the Highlands. There are a few more side quests here and a tiny village. This guide will help you find them all and beat them in no time at all. So let’s get started!

The Highlands Side Quest

Borderlands 2 Mordecai

This place is kind of large and has an annoying enemy that can stealth. Still the side quests are important if you want to beat the game.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Arms Dealing

At the Overlook quest board you can pick this one up from Zed. This is a timed snatch and return quest. If you have any hope of beating this you need to have a car ready to go before you get the first arm. Once you are ready grab the first arm and get to the car. Now head to the loner down south. They are all south but three are near each other. Keep going until you hit the beach. Stay on the beach because it is below the cliff. Jump out and climb the ladder up to get the arm. Jump down until the dock and run back to your car.Now head to the three grouped up. The one that is closest is guarded by exploding bots. Head up the beach and towards the river. Take the road next to the river right to the place with the mail box. You need to lure one out and let it blow then grab it.

I died from one here and had to start the quest over because of it. Back in the car and head up the mountain. Up at the top if the next mailbox. It is protected by two flame bots. I used my special to clear them out and grab the arm. If you just try to run you will likely die so just finish them as quick as you can.Get back into the car and head back down and around to the last arm. This one is on a house that leads right into a stalker den. You can either jump from the side onto the house or go around in the cave and up the side. Once you get up to the mail box grab the arm. Then take the boxes on the left back up and get to you car.Now drive back and complete the quest. OR the easier way assuming you just failed. Leave your car in the area with the three quests. If you can remember where the first exploding bot mail box was then park it out there.

Then head back to Overlook and restart the quest.Grab the first arm and go to the catch a ride. From there teleport to your car out near the arm. Now you will have way more than enough time to collect all the arms. Each one also grants you additional time so it is easy. If you think you won’t make it back in time then no problem. Just die and you will be put at a travel point(I was at least) and you can teleport right back to Overlook. Pretty simple.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Stalker Of The Stalkers

This one is much easier than the last quest. There is a bonus objective to kill 15 stalkers but the main quest is to collect chapters from a book. They are in the stalker pink piles on the ground. There are a few locations marked on the map but you can go anywhere stalkers are at and collect the chapters. I went to the two closest ones to Overlook. I was able to find all 5 chapters in the different stalker sacs on the ground. Now killing 15 would be a bit annoying but I just sat in the car with the rocket launcher and the machine gun on front. I was able to mow them down with no problem at all. If you don’t get 15 in the two areas just travels towards another way point. Keep an eye out though because you can likely find them before you get to the way points.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Best Mothers Day Ever

While you were out doing the Arms Deal quest you may have noticed another ! point. If you go back to where the arm was guarded by the flame bots then you can find this quest. It is a special gift for you if you can beat the stalkers. Grab the quest and teleport back to Overlook.Now grab a truck and hope down into the hunting grounds. You need to kill the little minions first which is easy. Keep moving so you don’t take much damage in the car. After you kill the little ones the boss one will appear. I was able to kill him and keep the truck alive because I kept moving and dodging his attacks. IF you start on fire then you should get out and finish him on foot. If you die he will regen his hp and the adds will come back so be smart.


After The Wildife Preserve

More quests become available after you go through the Hyperion Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Hidden Journals

This is from Dr. Tannis. She wants you to collect 4 of her echo recorders. This can be done while doing the other side quests for the town of Overlook. Just go to each way point. They are kind of tricky so I will give brief descriptions so you can get them. One is inside a crane that has a broken door. You can see the pink sacs near it. Shoot the sacs and the back wall will open.In the Hyperion base you will have to go all the way around and up. Once you get there look above the electric fence to see the fuse box.

Shoot it and you can go in.Under the bridge you will have to walk on the small beams. Then you will have to jump to the next one and go into the shack through the open door. Be sure the Threshers are not hitting you or you won’t make the jump.The last one is in a boat. As you walk towards it you will get the ! ! ! warning since a turret will be aiming at you. Go grab it and back out quickly to avoid being shot.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – The Overlooked Medicine Man

This one is for the town of Overlook. You will need to go up the tower and get the battery for the medical machine. Once you get that drop down and power up the machine and buy the first quest item. Next one is guarded by some robots and a merchant. You can take them out with the car if you have any trouble with it. Kill them all and then buy the next quest item. The last one is near a bunch of threshers. If you are on the level of the quest clear out all the enemies first then open the door. Once you open the door more of the threshers will appear. The door opens slow but once it is open grab the medicine and head back to complete the quest.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Shields Up

This one is very easy. You need to get 5 shields and drop them into the way point then collect the items that come out. You can buy them from the Zed machine or if you have them you can drop them in. Go to the opposite side and face the grinder the long way so when you drop the shields they don’t just fall over the edge. Grab the items that pop out and turn them in.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – This Is Only A Test

You need to head into the Hyperion base for this one. Be warned that right at the gate there are two Hyperion turrets you will need to deal with. In order to reach the base go through the tunnel right outside Overlook and cross the river. From there you can see the entrance and drive over.Once inside you need to fight your way to the mortar and defend yourself while the quest updates. Enjoy shooting the town then once the quest is finished clear out!

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Slap Happy

Head to the way point and place the arm on the bait stand. Watch as a giant Thresher appears! Use a rocket launcher to kill it in one shot. That’s what I did anyways. Be sure to avoid the tentacles. That will end the The Highlands Side Quest guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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